Detailed intelligence electric unicycle charger failure should be how to deal with

- Sep 18, 2015 -

One, power light is not lit, charging light does not light

Check charger entered power plug and mains have connection good, can will charger entered plug plug to normal of power socket in the try about, as situation still, will charger shell open, observation about machine within fuse have broken, as no broken, first check about power entered line whether good, in excluded power entered line of fault Hou, should check about circuit board Shang high pressure district near of components whether has virtual welding, fuse seat whether has contact bad phenomenon, focus check transformer T1, and transistor V1, and V2, is there a cold solder joint. In addition, R5 or R6 way, can also cause this fault, if the fuse out, you don't replace the ampere fuse (charger fuse 2A), should focus on D1-D4, V1, V2, R4, R7 and D15, D21 for damage, such as damage, replacement of the same type. Note that the element is damaged, it can damage both one and two, may sometimes also damaged several maintenance needs to check, after the replacement of these components to power on.

Second, the power light is on when charging, charging light orange

First of all please check the electric unicycle charger output plug and plug the plug of the battery case ever tighter. If there is no problem, to check whether the fuse box above the battery opening or fuse loose contact. In addition, some models to lock in to charge battery. If the faults are excluded from above, consider the charger output cable is open and available multimeter voltage blocked (200V gear) measure the no-load output voltage of the charger should be 41-44V (with 36V battery charger is different), and if not, it may be the charger output cable open circuit, and Chargers opened for an output line, and troubleshooting. Note: when you replace the charger output cable must be careful that the original negative not reversed.

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