Electric unicycle product analysis report

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Electric unicycle is a power-driven, self balancing vehicles. In today's society the rapid development, traffic congestion has become final, a stylish electric unicycle, allowing you to enjoy relaxed and happy for the shuttle to downtown. Electric unicycle instead of bicycles and electric cars as a means of transport is the development of fashion trends. The rise of electric unicycle, is about to trigger a new revolution in transportation.

Every new product in a unique way into people's lives, which led to a new trend, this trend is like a parabola, the highest point is the tipping point. Grasp just rests in the hands of the tipping point. Electric unicycle suitable for daily commutes or weekend as a recreational sport.

Gyro sensor control, 1000 watt motor, you can get good power. Through program control, speed limits in the 16KM/H, in ensuring security at the same time taking into account vehicle speed.

Electric unicycle is a new generation of energy-saving, environmental protection, portable means of transport. 1 hour charge, 15KM, short-distance transport is very convenient, you can replace the buses and subways. Electric unicycle, with a body size, easy to carry, the lightest one of only 8.6KG, can be placed directly into the car's trunk, referring to home or Office.

Inverted pendulum system: InvertedPendulumSystem.

Control system of inverted pendulum system is an important branch, and typical applications. In fact it can be interpreted under computer control, through real-time analysis of various parameters of the system, the system in the horizontal direction or along the vertical direction of the displacement and angle (angular velocity) offset control within the limits allowed, and keep the system in balance.

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