Intelligent electric wheelbarrow driving steps should comply with

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Intelligent electric wheelbarrow driving steps should comply with

, Try standing

1, will be a preferred foot standing on the pedals to the appropriate, attention should stand on the pedal position will shift their focus to the whole body on the feet.

2, a standing body, standing on the foot pedals that control the electric unicycle balance before and after, and calf close case soft.

3, will gradually shift to more emphasis on electric wheelbarrow on the foot, process, requested the leg, foot and motorized unicycle can form a stable triangular support, or else it will be difficult to shift the center of gravity on a motorized unicycle. Could not be successfully transferred to the center of gravity on an electric unicycle that foot, one foot off the ground before the 1-2 seconds, it is strongly recommended not to ride next.

Second, the forward

1, junior forward:

Like riding a bike, most of the focus on the transition to a smart electric unicycle, and lightly step on the foot pedal and foot pedal back gently on the ground, intelligent electric wheelbarrow will walk forward. Just like in the previous step to keep standing on one foot electric unicycle action, need to be riding in the process, to regain my balance, and that foot on the ground needs to be fast and light on another pedal. This step requires at least can ride, 3-5 meters of distance.

2, intermediate move on:

Come this far has been basically normal driving electric unicycle. This step needs to pay attention to two points: to maintain a certain speed, control the speed by leaning backwards. Recommends that the accumulated experience in the cycling process, practice, more confidence can be maintained after riding long distances and then proceed to the next step.

Three, turn

About turn: beginners like to rotate the upper part is used for the turn, but that operation has not worked. Recommended by adjusting the left and right foot to stomp on them to adjust left and right tilt of the body turns, through practice, will achieve the desired turn effect.

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