Society of intelligent electric unicycle takes how long time

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Smart electric unicycle beginners to ride properly about how long?

Most people can learn in 1-3 days, take about 2 hours or so a day. Just learning, because the center of gravity deviating, knock the legs will be pain, Shin guards can greatly improve, learn then you won't hurt. A small number of people may learn more slowly because of poor balance, this is a normal condition, a lot of practice. Recommended with training wheels when buying, you can experience yourself and others electric unicycle.

Second, smart electric unicycle top speed is?

Balance with all cars, self-balancing unicycle electric vehicles limited, in order to ensure your safety, speed limit of intelligent electric unicycle via software, control speed in 16Km/h. If you exceed this speed, will not be able to stop in time, will constitute a security risk.

Three, how to control the electric wheelbarrow?

Intelligent electric unicycle is to use the built-in high precision gyro balanced, it won't help you balance, it's about balance and we cyclists like to rely on a degree of speed and control your body. When you lean forward, single wheel electric cars would perceive your actions to speed up when you lean back, unicycle electric car will control the motor speed to maintain your balance with the body.

Four, maximum mileage of electric wheelbarrow?

Different models of wheel-vehicle mileage is not the same.

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