A Self Balance Scooter New Method Of Static Load Detection For Self - Balancing Scooter Combined With China 's National Conditions

- May 15, 2017 -

self balance scooter The company is based on the Southeast University teachers set up mainly engaged in foundation detection of professional firms. Relying on the self-balancing test technology center of Southeast University, its predecessor was the underground engineering research center of Southeast University, was established in 1992, mainly engaged in underground structural engineering research, including: pile foundation and foundation treatment technology, deep foundation pit engineering, underground engineering monitoring technology And analysis of the theory and other directions, holding the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction Foundation self-balancing method of detection of special qualifications, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. The company has geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, instrumentation, and other professional and technical personnel more than 30, and specialized production of the load box and the collection of equipment supporting factories. The company currently has more than 30 sets of on-site and indoor testing equipment, including self-balancing test dedicated load box, self-balancing scooter self-balancing acquisition equipment, high pressure oil pump, pouring pile drilling digital logging tool, non-metallic ultrasonic detector, , Inclinometer, strain gauge, high and low strain dynamometer, frequency meter and so on.

 self balance scooter It is engaged in geotechnical engineering inspection, geotechnical engineering management, geotechnical in situ testing and corresponding technical service for urban construction, road (iron) road, water conservancy, bridge, subway, tunnel, harbor, wharf, coal and chemical industry. technical consulting. Since the establishment of the company, completed the subway, tunnels, bridges, power plants, ports, highways, industrial and civil construction (structure) and other hundreds of geotechnical engineering testing, design projects. Company employees in recent years to obtain a national scientific and technological progress award 1, Highway Society Grand Prize 1, provincial and ministerial level 4 prize 3, second prize and third prize. Undertake the National 973 Project 1, the National 863 Project, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, dozens of provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects. Access to four patents for inventions, published four monographs, edited more than 10 books or manuals, presided over the preparation of procedures 2, the participation of national norms or procedures 3. More than 100 papers have been published in major publications at home and abroad.

    self balance scooter Self-balancing method is my company in the United States on the basis of Osterberg law, combined with China's national conditions developed a new method of static load detection. Through the field of more than 80 contrast with the traditional method of experiment, put forward a set of system theory, developed for China's national conditions of the test load equipment, and applied for the relevant patents. (DB32 / T291-1999), in 2000 by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, in 2002 the Ministry of Construction will be the technology into the "building pile detection technology specifications" (DB32 / T291-1999) (JGJ106-2003), the same year the Ministry of Science and Technology as a key project to promote the use of the country, in 2004 the Ministry of Communications will be included in the "highway engineering dynamic test technology" (JTG / TF81-01-2004), 2009 new Jiangsu (DGJ32 / TJ77-2009), the Ministry of Transport standard "static load test pile self-balancing method" (JT / T738-2009), the preparation of the Ministry of Transport in 2013 standard "Load shedding for static load test of pile" (JT / T875-2013). Compared with the traditional static load detection method (load method and anchor pile method), the self-balancing method has the characteristics of saving time, labor saving, low comprehensive cost and not subject to site conditions and loading tonnage.

  Over the years, the East from the balance adhere to the "quality first, the credibility of the supremacy, scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, a comprehensive deepening of project quality management, access to provincial technical supervision issued by the measurement certification certificate. Self-balancing skateboarding owners have not only studied the self-balancing method in theory, published many papers and monographs, developed self-balancing method of static load detection related to various instruments and equipment, access to a number of national patents and Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards, presided over the preparation of the Ministry, the provincial standards and procedures. Since 1996, the self-balancing test led by the East has been in China's 30 provinces and cities and 12 countries more than 2,000 high-rise buildings, cross-river bridge, port terminals, offshore wind power, subway and other major projects to promote (Such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and other cross-sea bridge; Sutong Bridge and other Yangtze River Bridge; Donghai Bridge and other offshore wind farms; South Water Diversion Project and other water conservancy projects; Nanjing Zifeng Building and other high-rise buildings; Indonesia Suramadu Bridge, Mozambique Maputo Bridge, Maldives in Malaysia Friendship Bridge, Brunei Pulau Muara Besar Bridge and other overseas projects; Nanjing Metro, Ningbo Metro and other municipal 

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