Balance Becoming A Consumer Electronics Hot Spots

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Recent electric balancing popular not only due to the technological development of the car driver, also benefits from local governments to launch the car restriction, restrictions and ban policy. In today's increasingly serious environmental pollution and traffic congestion, the development of electric and intelligent vehicles, promoting green travel has become the consensus of the community, Tesla electric car boom is standing in the draught. Tesla electric car than average price of hundreds of millions, in the short term can only be the plaything of the local tyrants, and two thousand or three thousand Yuan electric bicycle and running the streets seem too of migrant workers, therefore, only about 2000 Yuan price balance of single-wheel electric car is very grounded and very popular with young people, thus becoming first transport for young people.

Although, the future of personal transport will include smart balance vehicles, electric scooters, smart bicycle intelligent hardware, but to solve the last 5 km of personal transport problems of practical ways, smart balance with "smart, fast, and portable" advantages, is expected to become individual new vehicle after coming second only to automobile, bicycles. Especially with intelligent hardware, such as smart phones, wearable devices, large-scale development, drive the electric balance car-related technology, the rapid Ascension and hardware costs dropped significantly, Moore's balancing technology breakthroughs, product price is more common.

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