Balanced Capital Market Popularity

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Electric balance also called intelligent balance, somatosensory, thinking and other vehicles. Balance of electric car on the market can be divided into two kinds, a balance is a two-wheeled electric vehicle, another is the balance wheel electric cars alone. Balance by standing-driving ways, relies on the process of leaning forward or backward motion control to balance the car forward and backward. As from the beginning, with a balance of intelligent control technology of electric cars, green, small and controlling management, is considered to be the personal means of transport, jobs was hailed as "epoch-making invention" Science and technology products.

Global first of electric balance car is United States of Segway (game grid Granville) two round balance car, just began listed sales Shi had by had United States President Bush and the United States police, and tourism, many government institutions of favored, however due to by itself equipment performance of limited and the up to more than 10,000 more dollars of expensive price, this type of two round balance car since birth 13 years to has been Council limited to government sector of model application, in personal consumption electronic market almost no improvement.

However, relative to the United States Segway balance heavy, ugly design, balance of electric car manufacturers in China in recent years has introduced lighter, fashions, low prices of two-wheel vehicles, and soon in the tourism, Convention and exhibition, airports and public places such as public sector application. Especially the more portable, cheap and cool wheel balancing, once introduced to the market, sought after by many generation, after the young people, balancing the car market as a whole was detonated just two years quickly.

Also, there is talk of millet in the layout up investment balance of smart cars, frequent contact recently balanced research and development company in the South. Millet's personal transport hardware enterprises accelerate the Internet in order to further improve its mobile phones, TVs and smart home smart hardware chain, is millet's investments involved, to balance the car industry to add oil on the fire.

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