Causes Of Premature Aging Of Battery Life In Self-balancing Monocycle

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Causes of premature aging of battery life in Self-balancing monocycle
1, self-balancing monocycleSelf-balancing monocycle main maintenance of the battery without any, causing serious damage to the battery curing. Have to wait until the battery does not move to repair repair, then repair more difficult. In fact, 6 months maintenance time, life naturally extended a lot, but now Self-balancing monocycle master does not have this awareness. Battery damage, mostly from the charger caused by excessive water loss began.
2, the big cell battery factory technological innovation, resulting in consumers recognized brand name suffer. What is technological innovation? Will reduce the raw materials, the joint venture plant to engage in a few more, the product is still ISO9001 certification, is still a year warranty. Battery industry chain are happy, suffer or consumers.
3, the charger killer. Sub-poor quality charger and aging charger, these battery killers generally 8 months after the battery, play a killer role. The reason, the new battery to meet these battery killer tastes, with the battery aging, the battery can not meet the requirements of the killer, to June each year, the battery quickly dehydrated scrapped deformation.
4, luxury Self-balancing monocycle start current, resulting in battery curing. If the Self-balancing monocycle starts slowly, the battery life and mileage are naturally increased by 20%.
5, the motor controller damage, resulting in battery short-lived probability is not large, but there are many.
6, Self-balancing monocycle riding no loss of electricity, long life long. The new battery will be charged to the top of the red light every time, but can not drive. Each loss of power, life is less, 10 times the new battery is also quickly scrapped
7, the most important thing is to be a reasonable charge: Some people say, "the battery is not bad but bad," this statement really has its correctness. Battery charging performance of the battery life and performance of the battery plays a decisive role, it must pay attention to the way the charge. According to the vast majority of users of the situation, the best option to the battery to discharge depth of 50% -70% when the best charge, which can make the battery life to achieve the best results. At the same time, the impact of temperature on the charge is quite large. In the hot season, the battery has overcharge problems. Should try to reduce the battery temperature, to ensure good heat, to prevent exposure in the sun after exposure, the sun exposure will increase the battery temperature, the battery activity of various active substances increased, affecting the battery life. In contrast, in the case of low temperature, the battery has a poor charging capacity, lack of charge, in this case, we must improve the charging voltage and extend the charging time, and take the anti-freeze measures, so as to help ensure adequate power, Extend the battery life.
As we all know, the current market sales of Self-balancing monocycle is mainly divided into lead-acid battery Self-balancing monocycle type and lithium self-balancing monocycle type, in the face of these two Self-balancing monocycle type, consumers in the purchase, often Encountered such a problem: Although the lithium battery than the lead-acid battery lightweight and convenient, long life, green, but it also exists high battery prices and other issues. Consumers in the choice can not help such a sigh: "If the lithium battery Self-balancing monocycle to its negative factors to solve the good ah! That we do not have to be forced to choose low cost lead-acid battery Self-balancing monocycle "
Lithium battery in the same time with the lead-acid battery charge, lithium battery life significantly longer than the lead-acid battery, in order to achieve the farther mileage, but the weight of lithium batteries only lead-acid battery quarter One, this will often mention for you to mention to save a lot of effort. If you are green people, that lithium self-balancing monocycle must be your first choice, lead-acid batteries are very prone to heavy metal pollution, and lithium batteries will not produce environmental pollution, which is advocated by the community "green travel , Environmental health "is also the spirit of the same.

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