Daily Maintenance Of Electric Scooter

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Daily maintenance of Electric Scooter
The daily use of Electric Scooter can be summarized as good maintenance, more power, ground charge. Good maintenance is not to make Electric Scooter are accidental damage, such as not to flood the motor center, the controller, get off after the closure of the door, to avoid the high humidity, corrosion environment, the brake to be appropriate. Multi-help the ideal use of the method is "people to help drive, electricity to help people, human power linkage", effort and power. Start with a pedal ride, in the process of cycling twist speed control handle, on the bridge, uphill, wind and heavy traffic must use foot power to avoid the impact of the battery damage, affecting the battery Continued mileage and life. Qin charge is the use of lead-acid batteries, to develop the day to use the day of charging habits, do not wait for electricity and then re-charge, so as to avoid "deep discharge" to shorten the battery life, do not charge the battery in the case of inverted.
Electric vehicle maintenance should first pay attention to clean, especially after the winter salt water to be promptly cleaned, or easily lead to corrosion of metal parts, the film aging off the emergence. Second, the handlebar and the seat can be adjusted, adjust the standard one is to ride comfort, the second is to pay attention to the maximum adjustment height. Third, the handlebar and saddle tube should be engraved with a safety line, from the bottom of the tube is generally 2.5 times the diameter, which is the maximum adjustment height, the adjustment of the safety line shall not be exposed. Fourth, the new car ride for some time, the whole car should be checked and adjusted, then tightening and lubrication is essential. Check the fasteners should not be loose, transmission parts should be flexible, pay attention to the chain after oil lubrication to wipe the oil, fly wheel point of oil can be. Fifth, tires inflated to be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the ride comfort and service life. In addition, the brakes are the basic guarantee of safety, should be checked at any time, as long as there are problems to be adjusted or repaired immediately.
How to avoid theft during the use of Electric Scooter
First, the personalized electric power vehicles tend to discourage thieves. Therefore, the owner can consider the location of the vehicle and the main components, coated with a special color or difficult to erase the special mark, both for their own identification, but also to thieves thieves and stolen goods have scruples.
Second, electric power vehicles once stolen, we must promptly to the public security organs of the police, for the specific contractor to provide strong evidence for timely detection services. If not alarm, it will make the lawless frantic, impunity.
Third, whether to go out to work or home to rest, electric power vehicles are best parked into the shed, the library or someone care of the parking point, and to see the parking time of the service, to ensure that the parking point of the staff during the working period Take the vehicle.

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