Discussion On The Development Of Electric Rover Board In China

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Discussion on the Development of Electric Rover Board in China
Electric Rover Board as a green sunrise industry, has been in China for ten years. In the Electric Rover Board, the end of 2010, China's Electric Rover Board have reached 120 million, and an annual growth rate of 30%. From the energy point of view, Electric Rover Boards only one-eighth of motorcycles, cars, one-twelfth. From the possession of space, an Electric Rover Board occupies only one half of the general private car space, a very effective energy-saving means of transport. From the development trend point of view, the Electric Rover Board industry market outlook is still optimistic. In particular, as an energy-saving environmental protection, travel convenience, the use of relatively low cost of short-range transport, Electric Rover Board in the second and third tier cities and rural areas popular. With the improvement of industrial development environment, the acceleration of rural road construction, the improvement of residents' income level, the market space will be further expanded.
According to industry forecasts, by 2012, the size of the Electric Rover Board market will reach 100 billion yuan, while the electric vehicle battery market potential of more than 50 billion yuan. In March 18, 2011, four ministries jointly issued a "notice on strengthening the management of Electric Rover Board," but eventually reduced to "a dead letter." Means that the Electric Rover Board industry in the long-term environment is facing a huge market survival pressure, policy restrictions will become a large number of enterprises to survive a sword; and the external environment, the international economic environment is weak, to restore fatigue, but also makes electric The car's export dividend will be greatly reduced.
In the Electric Rover Board, "energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan" has been clearly reported to the State Council, "planning" was raised to the national strategic height, aimed at arranging the new industry of the automobile industry. As the country to determine one of the seven strategic emerging industries, new energy vehicles in the next 10 years plans to invest 100 billion yuan, the scale of sales locked in the world. According to the industry's "plan" content: by 2020, the new energy vehicles to achieve industrialization, energy saving and new energy vehicles and key parts and technologies reached the international advanced level, pure Electric Rover Board and plug-in hybrid vehicle market to reach 500 Ten thousand. Analysis forecast, from 2012 to 2015, the Chinese market, the average annual growth rate of Electric Rover Board sales will reach about 40%, most of them from pure electric vehicle sales, by 2015, China will become Asia's largest Electric Rover Board market.
Electric Rover Board industry in the absence of national policy to support the case, after just a few years of development, the rapid growth of the people concerned about the national livelihood of the key industries, its rapid development speed and tenacious vitality amazing. Electric Rover Board industry in the civil so popular for a reason: a low-carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental requirements; two light and flexible, people travel convenience; 3. cost-effective, (an average of one kilometer only need to spend seven cents Around) people love to give up.
As a kind of energy-saving and relatively cheap travel tool, Electric Rover Board is more suitable for China's national conditions, the development of the future of green transport. To solve China's future traffic problems, Electric Rover Boards will occupy an important position. Over the next 10 years, China will add 300 million farmers to work in the city, of which 1-2 billion farmers may settle in the city. Such a large crowd of travel problems, the existing transport system can not be carried. From the environmental protection, energy saving, security point of view, Electric Rover Board is an important carrier to solve the problem of urban farmers. The demand for Electric Rover Board will be further increased. Most of the small and medium cities, Electric Rover Boards still have great market potential.
At the same time, with the construction and improvement of rural roads, the majority of rural areas on the demand for Electric Rover Board will be further increased. A conservative estimate of the next five years, China's Electric Rover Board ownership will be more than 400 million. China's government is increasingly concerned about the environmental protection and the environment on which human beings live. Due to environmental issues, both the protection of national energy and the consideration of environmental protection, or from the whole traffic efficiency, Electric Rover Board are not only efficient for a long period of time Of, and in line with national conditions.

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