Does The Self-balancing Monocycle Over Charge Cause Damage To The Battery?

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Does the Self-balancing monocycle over charge cause damage to the battery?
"Overcharge" is the excess charge to the battery generated by a battery on the chemical and physical properties of the phenomenon of damage. Self-balancing monocycle manufacturers for everyone to explain.
"Overcharge" is the first reason for the charger. The current Self-balancing monocycle charger has a safe charge voltage setting, the charging voltage is generally set within 1.2 times the standard voltage of the battery, such as 48V battery, the charging voltage is set at 57.2V or less. When the battery is charged, the voltage will continue to rise until it is close to or equal to that of the battery. When the battery is charged, the voltage will continue to rise, Charging the green light on the charger will light up, at this time, the charge is stopped or trickle charge. If the charger voltage component failure, charging will not stop, the charging current will continue to enter the battery, the voltage will continue to rise, the voltage rise will increase the thermal reaction of the electrolyte, ranging from the battery shell will be deformed Expansion), while the battery is caused by bursting.
Some Self-balancing monocycle speed, and some Self-balancing monocycle speed is slow, then the speed of Self-balancing monocycle with what?
1: The controller current limit, usually the controller current limit has 28A, 30A and 33A. The greater the current limit, the faster the speed.
2: with the motor magnet steel and winding way. The standard motor is 30 mm magnet, the longer the length of the steel sheet and the higher the quality, the greater the effect of the current input. Good copper wire is a grade 1 copper wire for 5 layers. According to the different speed of the winding way is also different. There are usually two kinds of phase angle of the motor, one is 60 degrees, one is 120 degrees, of which 60 degrees start slightly faster strength slightly push back feeling, 120 degrees and then there is no degree of 60 degrees Large, relatively soft start slowly, but the case of full speed, 120 degrees in speed will be faster than 60 degrees.
The controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chips (or microcontrollers). Peripheral devices are functional devices such as execution, sampling, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switch circuits, and auxiliary microcontrollers or application specific integrated circuits Control device; the microcontroller also known as the microcontroller, is in an integrated chip on the memory, a conversion signal language decoder, sawtooth wave generator and pulse width modulation function circuit and can make the switch circuit power tube conduction Or the cut-off, through the square wave to control the conduction time of the power tube to control the motor speed of the drive circuit, input and output ports are integrated together, and constitute the computer chip.This is the electric bicycle intelligent controller. It is "fool "Appearance of high-tech products.
The design quality, characteristics, the functions of the microprocessor, the power switch device circuit and the surrounding device layout are directly related to the performance and running status of the vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Controller, used in the same car, with the same group of the same charge and discharge state of the battery, and sometimes in the driving ability to show a big difference.
In recent years, with the continuous rise in oil prices, Self-balancing monocycle has become an important means of the general public transport tool, but it issued a brave sound of the brakes have become a new noise in the city, this noise is the reason for the formation of what?
According to experts, Self-balancing monocycle brake material, car weight and speed is the main reason for noise. At present, the market sales of battery car brake device sub-brake, expansion brake and hanging brake three categories. Among them, the performance of good expansion brake although the noise is low, but the price is expensive. For the sake of reducing the cost of production considerations, the current battery before the brake with hanging back, after the brake for the hold. When the speed of more than 10 km, the brake is not enough resistance, it will shrink the brake to increase the friction between the brake pads and brake pads to achieve the purpose of rapid braking, this time will produce "creak" sound.
And most of the Self-balancing monocycle battery weight has some restrictions, and some manufacturers to meet consumer demand for "fast", remove the speed limit resistance, artificially speed up, making the battery brake parts are too heavy, it is easy to issue harsh The

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