Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance In The End To Pay Attention To What The Problem?

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Electric Scooter battery maintenance in the end to pay attention to what the problem?
First, Electric Scooters to travel according to road conditions
Mainly to take the bumpy road. In the uphill, on the bridge, against the wind when the load must be slow down the speed. This can avoid the battery current discharge, reduce the impact of the battery damage, but also increase the battery life and service life. Winter driving Electric Scooters try not to increase the horsepower to the maximum, so as to avoid the low temperature battery capacity decline caused by the phenomenon of insufficient power, but also help to extend the battery life.
Second, timely charging
Electric Scooters in the storage should not be in a state of loss. In the loss of state storage of the battery is prone to sulfation, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plate, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charge, battery capacity decline, loss of power state idle time longer, the more serious battery damage. Therefore, the Electric Scooter idle when not in use, should also be added once a month, so that better to maintain the battery health.
Third, to avoid high current discharge
Electric Scooters in the start, manned, uphill to try to avoid instantaneous high current discharge. Large current discharge easily lead to the production of lead sulfate crystals, thereby damaging the physical properties of the battery.
Fourth, the correct grasp of charging time
In the use of Electric Scooters, should be based on the actual situation difficult to grasp the charging time, refer to the usual use of frequency and mileage, but also pay attention to the size of the battery manufacturers to provide the size of the instructions, and supporting the performance of the charger, the size of the charging current Parameters to grasp the charging frequency. In general, the battery is charged at night, with an average charge time of about 8 hours. If the light discharge (charging mileage is very short), the battery will soon be filled, continue to charge will appear overcharge phenomenon, resulting in battery water loss, fever, reduce battery life. Therefore, the battery with a discharge depth of 60%. 70% when the best charge of a power, the actual use can be converted into riding mileage, according to the actual situation necessary to charge, to avoid nuisance charge.
What is the meaning of the ride from the Electric Scooter? Learning single foot car and riding Electric Scooters have these aspects of the meaning:
First, you can improve the balance of the body's ability to balance the development of the balance of the legs and control force, when you have two feet to learn from single-foot control from the Electric Scooter, you will find the body's ability to balance and control car capacity A substantial increase;
Second, learning a single-foot ride from the Electric Scooter can make your car start and stop after the two feet are more stable and safe. Because the starting time is the most unstable when the car, if your single foot control car capacity is not enough, often on the train instability or out of control, get off the same time, single-foot control of the car will let you get off the instability Of the time out of control, too rush to get off the car can easily be hit by ankle and injured. The other hand, you can stabilize the control of a single foot, you can be very stable and comfortable according to the traffic conditions and the car to decide on the other foot pedal on the car and the next time the location and location;

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