Electric Scooter Brakes The Formation Of The Cause

- Oct 13, 2017 -

In recent years, with oil prices rising, Electric Scooter become the important vehicle of the general public, but it is the sound of the brakes also became a city in a new type of noise, the causes of the formation of the noise?

According to experts, Electric Scooter brake material, vehicle weight and speed are the main causes of noise. At present, there are three types of brake installations on the market, including brakes, expansion brakes and suspension. Among them, the performance of a good expansion brake is low noise, but expensive. In order to reduce the cost of production, the rear brake of the electric cylinder is now suspended, and the rear brake is holding. When the speed of more than 10 kilometers, the brake when the resistance is not enough, it will shrink brake handle, in order to increase the friction between the brake and the brake disc, achieve the purpose of rapid braking, now can produce the creaking sound.

And the most traction battery weight has certain limitation, some manufacturer to cater to the demand of the consumers "fast", demolition of resistance of speed, speed, makes the battery burden brake parts, also easy to screeched.

Electric Scooter battery life is not long because there are many kinds, among them, the correct use of the charger is the most important step, the Electric Scooter manufacturers for you to introduce Electric Scooter charger use of the note.

1, do not use other brand charger for the battery, other types of unfavorable also use the battery charger, unless the company authorized by the professional testing rear can use.

2, the use of Electric Scooter charger battery, should first insert the plug of the output of the charger battery charging socket, then insert the plug of the charger mains input ac mains power socket; After charging, you should remove the plug and then remove the outlet plug.

3. The charger will generate a certain amount of heat during the working process, and the bottom of the charger is strictly prohibited to place flammable items such as flammable plastic or foam. Do not add any items to the top and sides of the charger; Please use the Electric Scooter charger in a well-ventilated environment. If you find that in the process of charging smelling or charger shell temperature too high, the shell surface temperature higher than 65 ℃, please stop charging, immediately send maintenance department to check processing.

Best to charge half month, especially in winter, will charge once a week, because the battery is liquid inside, long time no words, the liquid like snowball and battery set, so some charging more frequently, especially winter otherwise consequence is liquid cooled battery will lead to short circuit, that the battery is broken, so the battery long time don't regularly charging to the battery activation, to do the battery along with filling, long time don't also want to charge on a regular basis, so as to make the battery to achieve the ideal life, Electric Scooter battery life expectancy can be up to two years. At the same time, I hope your battery will last for a long time.

In daily life, Electric Scooter is our main traffic tools, we often use Electric Scooter, Electric Scooter will be stained with a lot of dust and dirt, we how to clean and maintain our Electric Scooter? Electric Scooter has made a few points and hopes to help you.

1. When we Electric Scooter fall dust, we should often wash, we in the scrub Electric Scooter, don't leave the water to the Electric Scooter splashing above, because the Electric Scooter there are many circuit, if the circuit after wet, can affect the Electric Scooter. It could damage Electric Scooter.

2. We are cleaning Electric Scooter, with a dishcloth after removing semi-dry scrub slowly Electric Scooter, we can use wet dishcloth dry after the first Electric Scooter full scrub, quite dirty place in POTS of water, more slowly and patiently scrubbed.

3. We are cleaning Electric Scooter when paying special attention to don't wet Electric Scooter circuit, as long as there is a circuit where we'd better not touch water, we have to clean the wheel, because if the metal ring of the tire is stained with dust is very easy to rust after long time, especially after the rain, the metal wrapped in a thick layer of soil, is not conducive to the evaporation of the water. We'd better clean up the dirt above and avoid rust.

4. In particular, Electric Scooter, there are a lot of dust and dirt, we're going to use dishcloth the caked dirt and dust slowly soften, then remove the dirt and dust, be careful not to damage Electric Scooter parts, do not use the sharp weapon stamps, scraping the Electric Scooter on the dust, and to use cloth slowly wash with water.

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