Electric Scooter Charger Troubleshooting Tips

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Electric Scooter charger troubleshooting tips

Because the input circuit of the Electric Scooter charger is working in high voltage and too current, the failure rate is the highest. Such as high voltage high current rectifier triode, filter capacitor, switch power tube, etc. Second part is prone to damage output rectifier rectifier diode, the protection diode, filter capacitor, current limiting resistor, such as pulse width modulation (PWM) controller and feedback and protection circuit.

1. Electric Scooter Fuse of fuse

In general, the fuse circuit breaker indicates that the internal circuit of the charger is short-circuited or overcurrent. This is because the charger is long working in high voltage, high current state, the failure rate of internal devices is high. In addition, Electric Scooter the voltage of the power grid fluctuates, and the surge can cause the electric current of the charger to increase instantly and fuse the fuse.

Method of maintenance: first check the various components of the circuit board, Electric Scooter see if the appearance of these elements is burnt or have an electrolyte overflow, smell is the same. To measure the power input end resistance, if less than 20 ok Ω, illustrate the back-end to have local short circuit phenomenon, then measured 4 rectifier diode is only, the resistance value and two current limiting resistor value, the presence of short circuit or burn out; Finally, it is necessary to measure whether the power filter capacitor can carry out normal charging and discharge, whether the switching power tube is damaged, the UC3842 and the surrounding components are punctured or burnt. It is important to note that because it is in the road measurement, it is possible to make the measurement result wrong or to cause misjudgment, so that the components can be welded and measured when necessary. If this is not the case, then measure the internal short circuit of the input power line and the output power line. Generally, in the fuse fusing failure, rectifier diode, the power filter capacitor, switch power tube, UC3842 is wearing parts, the probability of damage can reach more than 95%, to inspect these components, it is easy to troubleshoot.

2. Electric Scooter No dc voltage output or voltage output instability

If the fuse is intact, under load. The reasons for this type of failure are: overpressure, overcurrent protection circuit open circuit, short circuit phenomenon; The consumption circuit is not working; The power load is too heavy, and the rectifier diode in the high frequency rectifier filter circuit is punctured: the filter capacitor leakage and so on.

Maintenance methods: first, Electric Scooter the various components of high frequency pulse transformer is measured with a multimeter for damage: ruled out high-frequency rectifier diode breakdown, load short circuit, and then measure the dc voltage at the output, if the output is zero at this moment, is to be sure there is something wrong with the power of control circuit, and finally in the high frequency filter circuit is measured with a multimeter static rectifier diode and low pressure filter capacitance is damaged, if the components are damaged, replace the new components, general fault can be ruled out. However, it is important to note that this kind of fault can be caused by wire breakage or welding and virtual welding, which should be paid attention to during maintenance.

No dc voltage output, but the fuse is intact

Electric Scooter This phenomenon indicates that the charger is not working, or that it has entered protective status after work.

Electric Scooter Maintenance: the first step is to determine whether the charger's variable control chip UC3842 is in the king's state or has been damaged. Specific judgment method is: add 7 feet of voltage, electric logging UC3842 7 voltage normal feet a + 5 and 8 feet ∨ voltage, 1, 2, 4, 6 feet will have different version for different voltage, the circuit has rev vibration, UC3842. If the power of the foot is low and the rest of the tube has no voltage, the UC3842 has been damaged. The most common damage is 7 feet to the ground, 6, 7 feet to the ground and 1, 7 to the ground breakdown. If these feet are not worn, and the charger is still not functioning properly, it also indicates that UC3842 has been damaged and should be replaced directly. If the chips are not bad, check to see if the limit resistance of the grid is not soldering, virtual or variable, and whether the power tube of the switch is not performing well. In addition, the power output line breaking or poor contact can also cause this failure, so should be noticed during maintenance.

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