Electric Scooter Is Not A Car?

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Riding a motor scooter accident responsibility could not be found

Mr Zhao is the owner of an electric scooter. One night in November last year, riding a scooter while crossing, Mr Zhao was hit by a du drive turn into fractures, Scooter was damaged. Due to the consultations had not been able to agree on the amount of compensation, Mr Zhao sued on du and insurance companies together to the Fengtai District Court to ask for compensation of more than 65,000 yuan.

But du does not appear in the courtroom. After the accident, Mr du is only escorted Zhao to a hospital, at the time of transfer, du left the hospital later did not appear anymore. In this regard, Mr Zhao is very angry: "he did not give one penny, never went to the hospital to see me. ”

When the accident happened, Mr Zhao riding electric scooters, green light through the crosswalk. "Push is also quite heavy, I saw no cars on the road, on the ride over. Across the street is 10 meters, it is impossible to ride very fast. ”

"Vehicles should avoid pedestrians, other then right turn without slowing, it came open. "Mr Zhao recalled, when he hid not to escape. After the car hit Mr Chiu and Mr du, out to five or six metres to stop. Accidents have caused Mr Zhao comminuted fractures of the metacarpal bones, fractures are still playing with plates now.

After the accident, traffic police arrived at the scene, but police said that since Mr Zhao's electric scooter is not a means of transport, responsible for the accident could not be found.

Zhao said that when purchasing a scooter, the store also said the portable, folding, can hit the road or subway with the car, "should be considered a normal vehicle. ”

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