Electric Scooter Turn To Judge Good Or Bad

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Electric Scooter turn to judge good or bad
We are talking about the Electric Scooter before the battery ah what, rarely introduced to turn to such a small parts, and today there is a customer asked this question, Electric Scooter turn to judge the point of good or bad.
Turn the line three red, black negative, green signal, (there are many root) attention to more than the line, the color gap is the same as the three turn to measure the line.
In the case of correct wiring, turn on the power lock, the omnipotent table transferred to the measured DC voltage file 20v black pen then negative, red pen connected to the controller to supply the positive and negative pole whether there is about 5v voltage.
If the voltage is normal, and then move the red pen to the signal line, measured whether there is about 1v voltage (positive) is a good turn slowly turn in the end, look at the universal table on the voltage from 1v or so slowly rose to 4.2v or so if some of this turn is good is right.
If there is no voltage or voltage between the plus or minus voltage of the measuring switch, as long as the voltage is about 1v or 2v, then the connection between the handle and the controller should be disconnected directly from the controller to measure the positive and negative Voltage, if the measured voltage is about 5v or so is the turn of the bad change handle.
We are in the process of riding an Electric Scooter will encounter unexpected situations, such as if the tires were tied how do we do? The following Electric Scooter manufacturers tell you about the Electric Scooter tires tire repair method.
1. Use a screwdriver and other tools to claw the tires, the use of water to find leaks.
2. After finding the leak, use the rasp force evenly in the air leakage surface file a small area, clean the surface
3. This is what you can apply the glue, and put it aside for half a minute, where the patch repair patch
4. gently corner of the first contact, slowly press, to avoid the middle of the bubble, standing for half a minute, forced a pressure, in the inspection check.
In daily life, Electric Scooters are our main means of transport, we often use Electric Scooters, Electric Scooters will be stained with a lot of dust and dirt, how can we clean and maintain our Electric Scooter? Linyi Electric Scooter manufacturers for everyone to sum up a few, hoping to help you.
1. When our electric skateboards are dusty, we should always scrub, and when we scrub the Electric Scooter, do not spill water on the Electric Scooter because there are many circuits in the Electric Scooter. After the circuit is wet, it will affect the use of Electric Scooters. It is possible to damage the Electric Scooter.
2. When we clean the Electric Scooter, we wiped the Electric Scooter slowly with a rag, and we can wipe the Electric Scooter with the wet wipes and scrub the side of the Electric Scooter. For a few pots of water, be patient to slowly scrub.
3.When we clean the Electric Scooter, we should pay special attention to not wet the Electric Scooter circuit, as long as there is a circuit where we better not to touch the water, we have to clean the wheel, because the tire metal ring if stained Dust time is easy to rust after a long time, especially after the rain, the metal wrapped in a layer of thick soil, is not conducive to the evaporation of water. We'd better clean the dirt above and avoid rust.
4. In particular, the lower part of the Electric Scooter, there are a lot of dust and dirt, we use a rag to form a block of soil and dust slowly soften, and then remove the mud and dust, careful not to damage the Electric Scooter parts , Do not use a sharp weapon to poke, scrap the Electric Scooter on the dust, use a rag with water slowly scrub.

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