Electric Scooter Years Of Technological Development

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Electric Scooter years of technological development
   The rapid development of the economy and the continuous progress of science and technology to promote the development of Electric Scooter technology, the specific performance is as follows:
1. China Electric Scooter has been a world leader in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology. The powerful enterprises have been using integrated electronic and digital technology in controllers, motor valve control, charge control and other components, intelligent Type Electric Scooter will be the commanding heights of future development.
2. Traditional lead-acid batteries may cause secondary pollution, their own weight, low charging speed, short life and become the deadly weakness of Electric Scooter. China's nickel-metal hydride battery application technology has gradually matured, lithium battery security problems once resolved, can also be popular. The leading technology manufacturer of Electric Scooter wants to increase research on new energy sources, reduce the cost of new batteries, and give Electric Scooter a stronger "source of life".
3. Strengthen the research on charging technology, greatly improve the charging efficiency, extend the battery life. According to the experts concerned, 80% of the batteries on the market are damaged by poor quality chargers. China has high-tech companies to start this research, the conventional charge to variable pulse and digital control technology, the effective control of the battery in the charging process of water loss, to ensure the balance of charging and improve the battery life.
4. The high-tech content of composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of Electric Scooter. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials at the same time, the use of titanium, chromium molybdenum steel and other lightweight, high-strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the Electric Scooter strength and reduce the weight of the Electric Scooter. So that the performance of the bike and the manufacturing process of a revolutionary change.
5. To strengthen the Electric Scooter motor research, development and application of new energy efficient energy-saving motor, efficient compensation motor, to further improve the energy efficiency of Electric Scooter.
6. Speed up the use of new international technology, new materials, tires, batteries and accessories in the production of nano-materials, so that Electric Scooter lighter, faster, driving farther.
7. More widely used in computer and microelectronics technology in the Electric Scooter product design, mold processing and production process, and continuously improve the degree of production automation and improve the production process technology.
8. Electric Scooter production enterprises and national research institutes, institutions of higher learning cooperation, the system to enhance the technological content of products, the formation of independent intellectual property rights of technology and products, continue to the world Electric Scooter technology to maintain the leading position.
Electric Scooter The greater the battery discharge current, the shorter the battery life; the deeper the depth of the discharge, the shorter the battery life. Electric Scooter battery can handle short-term high current discharge, this time the depth of discharge is not deep. Small current discharge, even if the depth of the discharge slightly deeper, the battery life is not a big impact. Most afraid of continuous high current discharge and deep discharge.
   Electric Scooter speed of 35 km when the discharge current are generally 10A ~ 17A, that is, about 1C discharge, so the discharge current is relatively large. This battery is not only the capacity to decline, and the service life is relatively short Electric Scooter discharge depth is relatively deep. If the Electric Scooter's speed is maximized and the brakes and start-up are accelerating frequently, the battery will consume more. This actually makes the actual life of the Electric Scooter battery only a short period of 3 to 6 months, that is the best use of the battery power in 6 months after the downward trend, you will find, Electric Scooter more and more The more slowly, more and more no strength.

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