Electric Unicycle Purchasing Methods And Techniques

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Hot electric unicycle market allowing it to quickly become a scramble to compete for business objects, in a short amount of time, the country there have been dozens of large and small electric unicycle in different, product brand, the brand's publicity is overwhelming, and this virtually caused a great deal of trouble to consumers. What kind of electric unicycle is a good one? Buy unicycle to note what? Here, we'll teach you a few methods and tricks for buying a unicycle, sure can help you choose the right TA.

1. first, look for genuine regular manufacturers. Today's electric unicycle market was a mixed bag, a variety of large and small brands are too much, some businesses do not have their own research and development team and production workshop, just buy a simple Assembly of parts, affix their logo to go directly to sales, unicycle car imaginable. Some merchants even also steal other brand advocacy, thus deceiving consumers. Therefore, choosing a genuine, regular unicycle manufacturers is very important.

2. Secondly, under the same price performance. Performance comparison of self balancing unicycle is mainly reflected in the battery capacity, mileage, maximum load, and so on. Distance for, now market Shang compared fire of unfettered tour and IPS are has more than 2000 more of alone round car models, unfettered tour FI series used of is SonyV3 lithium battery, charging and discharging cycle can over 500 times, once charging as long as 45-60 minutes around, full electric of situation Xia range distance can up 23krn (depending on riding Walker weight for road and the environment and set), maximum load is 120kg, highest speed can up 18 km/h, maximum climbing angle 30 °. More than 300 much higher than the price of an IPS range and limit weight comparable with it, take 2 hours on a single charge, Max climbing angle of 15 °, which is better or worse has become clear

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