How To Avoid Short Circuit When Using Electric Rover Board

- Aug 22, 2017 -

How to avoid short circuit when using Electric Rover Board

  Although the use of Electric Rover Board when the short circuit phenomenon is not often encountered, but in order to try to avoid this phenomenon, we should have a certain understanding of the corresponding knowledge. Today, Electric Rover Board manufacturers will explain how to prevent short-circuit phenomenon.

      1, in the installation or use should be particularly careful, the tools used should be taken insulation measures, the connection should be the first battery outside the electrical even.

      2, the inspection without a short circuit, and finally connected to the battery, wiring specifications should be good insulation, to prevent overlapping pressure generated rupture.

      3, prohibit the use of battery short circuit method to detect the battery charge situation, to prevent the explosion caused by casualties, the battery in the short circuit state, the short-circuit current up to hundreds of amps. Short-circuit contact more prison, the greater the short-circuit current, so all connected parts will produce a lot of heat, heat in the weak part of the larger, will connect the fuse, resulting in short circuit phenomenon.

      4, the battery may produce local explosive gas or charge when the collection of explosive gas, at the junction of the fuse when the fuse will cause the battery explosion, if the battery short circuit time is short or the current is not particularly large, may not cause a connection At the phenomenon of fusing, but the short circuit will still have overheating, will damage the connection around the adhesive, leaving the leakage and other hidden dangers.

      Electric vehicle battery if there is a short circuit phenomenon is not just can not use the problem, and there will be a huge potential danger exists, so be sure to try to avoid the existence of electric vehicle short circuit phenomenon.

  Electric Rover Board use process will encounter a lot of problems, on the use of Electric Rover Board will encounter a variety of problems and solutions, we have introduced a lot in front, and today we will continue to introduce another aspect - on the detection The method of Electric Rover Board brushless controller.

      1, the power tube damage detection: the power of the bad performance of the vehicle does not turn or lack of phase, the specific measurement method: with the diode file measurement controller A, B, C three-phase motor wiring, multimeter black pen then power red , The red pen were connected to three-phase motor phase line, multimeter display value should be 500-600 or so, if a phase test results show zero or very small, then the phase of the power tube breakdown, if the display is very large open circuit; The multimeter of the red pen connected to the power ground, black pen were connected to three-phase motor phase, multimeter display value should be 500-600 or so, if the display is zero or very small, then the phase of the lower power tube breakdown, if the show Very large for the power tube circuit

      2, in the case of power conduction, with a multimeter voltage file measurement controller nine core plug fine red line and thin black line to see if the voltage is about 5 volts, such as no voltage controller is bad.

      The main detection method of Electric Rover Board brushless controller is the above two aspects, and if there are on the electric vehicle parts detection or fault check the problem, may wish to continue to pay attention to us, will be able to find the answer you need.

 When the charger is full to stop charging, can not charge a night or even a few days. Overcharge will cause the plate active material hardening off, and produce dehydration and battery deformation. Batteries in the high temperature season to run, there are mainly overcharge problems. Therefore, the summer should try to reduce the battery temperature, to ensure good heat, to prevent exposure after the sun exposure, and should be away from heat. In addition to select the charger parameters to match the battery, to fully understand the operation of the battery in the hot season, as well as the entire life of the changes during the period. Do not use the battery in the overheating environment, especially when charging should be away from heat. After the battery heat to take cooling measures, until the battery temperature to return to normal when the charge. The installation location of the battery should be as good as possible to ensure good heat, and found that overheating should stop charging, check the charger and battery. When the battery discharge depth is too shallow or the ambient temperature is high, the charging time should be shortened.

      Charging the Electric Rover Board is not the longer the better, there must be a certain degree, so as to make the use of the battery longer, but also extend the use of Electric Rover Board time.

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