How To Clean And Maintain The Self-balancing Monocycle

- Sep 13, 2017 -

How to clean and maintain the self-balancing monocycle
In our daily life, Self-balancing monocycle is our main vehicle, we often use Self-balancing monocycle, Self-balancing monocycle will be stained with a lot of dust and dirt, how can we clean and maintain our self-balancing monocycle What? Self-balancing monocycle manufacturers for everyone to sum up a few, hoping to help you.
1. When we are self-balancing monocycle, we should always scrub, we scrub Self-balancing monocycle, do not put water to Self-balancing monocycle spilled, because Self-balancing monocycle inside a lot Circuit, if the circuit is wet, will affect the use of Self-balancing monocycle. Likely to damage Self-balancing monocycle.
2. We are cleaning self-balancing monocycle, we can first wipe dry with a wet cloth after the self-balancing monocycle of the body scrubbing side, more dirty The place for a few more pots of water, be patient to slowly scrub.
3. We should be careful not to wet the self-balancing monocycle when we are cleaning the self-balancing monocycle, so long as there is a circuit where we'd better not water, we have to clean the wheel because the metal ring Dusty dust is easy to rust after a long time, especially after the rain, the metal wrapped in a layer of thick soil, is not conducive to the evaporation of water. We'd better clean the dirt above and avoid rust.
4. In particular, the lower part of the Self-balancing monocycle, there are a lot of dust and dirt, we use a rag to form a block of soil and dust slowly soften, and then remove the mud and dust, careful not to damage Self-balancing monocycle The parts, do not use a sharp weapon poke, scraping self-balancing monocycle on the dust, use a rag with water slowly scrub.
Some Self-balancing monocycle speed, and some Self-balancing monocycle slow, then the self-balancing monocycle speed with what?
1: The controller is limited to the current limit, usually the controller current limit has 28A, 30A and 33A. The greater the current limit, the faster the speed.
2: There is also a winding method for the magnet steel sheet of the motor. The standard motor is 30 mm magnet, the longer the length of the steel sheet and the higher the quality, the greater the effect of the current input. Good copper wire is a grade 1 copper wire for 5 layers. According to the different speed of the winding way is also different. There are usually two kinds of phase angle of the motor, one is 60 degrees, one is 120 degrees, of which 60 degrees start slightly faster strength slightly push back feeling, 120 degrees and then there is no intensity of 60 degrees Large, relatively soft start slowly, but the case of full speed, 120 degrees in speed will be faster than 60 degrees.
In recent years, with the rising oil prices, Self-balancing monocycle has become an important means of transport, but it is the brakes issued by the brakes have become a new noise in the city, this noise is the reason for the formation of what?
According to experts, Self-balancing monocycle brake material, car weight and speed is the main reason for noise. At present, the market sales of battery car brake device sub-brake, expansion brake and hanging brake three categories. Among them, the performance of good expansion brake although the noise is low, but the price is expensive. For the sake of reducing production costs, the current battery before the brake with hanging back, after the brake for the hold. When the speed of more than 10 km, the brake is not enough resistance, it will shrink the brake to increase the brake pads and brake pads between the friction, to achieve the purpose of rapid braking, this time will produce "creak" sound.
And most of the self-balancing monocycle battery weight has some restrictions, and some manufacturers to meet consumer demand for "fast", remove the speed limit resistance, man-made speed, making the battery brake parts burden is too heavy, it is easy to issue harsh sound.

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