How To Make Electric Scooter Batteries More Durable In Winter

- Aug 22, 2017 -

How to make Electric Scooter batteries more durable in winter

      Many of the friends who use Electric Scooters have encountered such a problem, with the arrival of the winter temperature reduction, Electric Scooter battery seems more and more durable, and many people will think it is not the battery is not durable, in fact and Not necessarily so. Because with the decline in temperature, Electric Scooter battery capacity will have a certain impact, the battery in the active material decreased. But do not worry, generally after the winter will be improved, then we take in the winter what kind of measures to make Electric Scooter battery can be more durable?

      1, the winter battery storage, if the vehicle in the open air or cold storage for several weeks when not in use, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent damage to the battery icing, should not be in the state of loss of power. Such as long-term do not have to charge a monthly electricity

      2, increase the number of charges in winter riding Electric Scooters should not let the battery in a long time in the state of power shortage, be sure to develop a day regardless of the number of trips, the evening should be timely charging habits.

      3, the battery clean, clean the battery terminal, and coated with special grease to protect is also very important, which can ensure that the Electric Scooter boot when reliable, to extend the battery life.

      4, the benefits of floating charge, the majority of the charger lights in the lights after the instructions are fully charged, as far as possible to continue 1-2 hours of floating charge, the suppression of battery curing is also good.

      5, can not be overcharged, Electric Scooter battery charging can not be excessive, "overcharge" will lead to battery damage. If the battery is fully charged after a long time without stopping, the charging current will continue to enter the battery, the voltage will continue to rise, the voltage rise will increase the thermal reaction of the electrolyte, ranging from the battery shell will be deformed, While the battery is caused by bursting.

      This is in the winter when charging should pay special attention to several aspects, in general, the temperature is too low in the winter, as far as possible to shorten the use of Electric Scooter time, and timely charging can effectively extend the battery life.

 Electric Scooters in the modified, you can achieve a certain degree of speed, but many people for the Electric Scooter modification process do not quite understand, today we will explain to you about the Electric Scooter modified the specific situation.

      Electric Scooters can be used to increase the speed of 12 volts to achieve speed, for the 48-volt car, each increase or decrease of a volt will increase 1.5-2 yards or 1.5-2 yards to reduce the speed, because the controller oscillation The frequency is affected by the RC and is also affected by the supply voltage, so an increase of 12 volts can be achieved after 60 yards. Each increase after the original 500-watt motor in theory will become 780 watts, in use, the controller and the motor heat will be high, because the motor increases the voltage will increase the power to increase power consumption, the speed will increase Power consumption, so the battery power output increases, the conversion efficiency will be reduced by about 15% than previously, due to the increase in the current system will increase the heat loss, but also reduce the conversion efficiency of about 15%. So after the conversion because of the existence of these factors, will Electric Scooter electric energy and kinetic energy conversion efficiency. The riding speed will increase after the conversion, but the distance from the ride will be shorter than before. As the safety of the motor temperature limit is 75 degrees, as long as the attention in the 60-speed high-speed ride not long for too long; also pay attention to only low-speed uphill, not uphill too fast; only in this way, the controller and the motor is not easy Burned out.

      This is about the Electric Scooter modified some of the situation, although the modified after the speed has been improved, but in many other aspects of the lack of attack, want to modify the best friends to consider and then proceed.

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