It Is Important To Use Fire Safety When Using A Self-balancing Monocycle

- Aug 22, 2017 -

It is important to use fire safety when using a Self-balancing monocycle

  Self-balancing monocycle convenient and practical, praised by the majority of users, on the use of Self-balancing monocycle attention we have introduced a lot, but on the Self-balancing monocycle fire knowledge, we may still know little, today self-balance Wheelbarrow manufacturers will be popular for everyone about this knowledge.

      1, Self-balancing monocycle charging must be away from flammable items, can not charge too long, charging time is too long, the charger overheating easily lead to fire, the charge should be in accordance with the provisions of the instructions to charge, charging time in principle not exceed 10 hours. When charging, the charger should be placed in a place where it is easier to heat, if the electric bicycle battery quality is poor or prolonged use, the charger temperature is very high, causing a fire.

      2, should always check the Self-balancing monocycle circuit plugs to prevent contact with the contact caused by ignition, heat; to avoid the aging of the line, wear and cause short circuit, string accident occurred. Self-balancing monocycle battery will run out of the combustible gas, so the charge must not be in a narrow, sealed environment, should be carried out in the outdoors, or remove the battery alone charge. When charging to select the appropriate line, line laying should be fixed installation, to install short circuit and leakage protection device.

      3, to try to avoid in the rain, water sections of the road to prevent the motor water, charging short-circuit fire.

      4, buy Self-balancing monocycle, pay attention to the choice of the battery, select the seal is good, easy to leak electrolyte battery, be sure to prevent electrolyte leakage caused by pollution, corrosion and injury.

      These are to avoid Self-balancing monocycles to generate fire precautions, I hope the user must bear in mind, take preventive measures to avoid unnecessary accidents.

   With the popularity of Self-balancing monocycle, in recent years Self-balancing monocycle supporting industry - charging stations are gradually rising, and now often found in the highway side of its existence, and Self-balancing monocycle users do not have to worry about the lack of electricity.

      The use of charging stations to Self-balancing monocycle charging can achieve the effect of fast charging, a 10-minute 10 minutes, you can continue to 5 to 6 km. But many people in the enjoyment of its convenience at the same time, there will be worry, worry about whether it will affect the battery life. After research found that the use of this fast charger will charge more than Self-balancing monocycle battery design load, to a certain extent, will damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, even a new Self-balancing monocycle, if you often use a fast charging station for charging, the battery life may also be greatly reduced.

      Through the above description can be seen with the charging station to Self-balancing monocycle charging, Self-balancing monocycle battery will have some damage, but this is not to say that can not be used, when an emergency situation, the charging station is necessary, And even can alleviate our urgent needs.

 Self-balancing monocycle is divided into two-wheeled two-wheeled vehicles, in some respects Self-balancing monocycle and ordinary Self-balancing monocycle is the same, but it is with the ordinary Self-balancing monocycle has a lot of difference, the following we come with everyone to understand this How does the Self-balancing monocycle run?

      The principle of Self-balancing monocycle is mainly based on a basic principle known as "dynamic stability", that is, the automatic balance of the vehicle itself. With the built-in precision solid state gyroscope to determine the body position of the posture, through the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the drive motor to achieve a balanced effect.

      After this technology, we can better find a balance, easy to drive.

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