Knowledge Of Fire Protection For Electric Rover Board

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Knowledge of fire protection for Electric Rover Board

Electric cars can be seen everywhere in our lives, and now the weather is getting warmer, and choose to ride electric cars are more and more people, today we give you universal awareness of the fire safety of Electric Rover Board.

1. To always check the electric bicycle circuit plugs, to prevent contact is not strong caused by contact point ignition, fever; to avoid the aging of the line, wear and cause short circuit, the occurrence of string accidents.

2. Electric Rover Board in the course of normal use, failure to choose a professional maintenance agencies or personnel, do not unauthorized removal of electrical protection devices to ensure that electrical circuits and protective devices in good condition.

3. Electric bicycle battery will run out of the combustible gas, so the charge must not be in a narrow, sealed environment, should be carried out in the outdoors, or remove the battery alone charge.

4. When charging to select the appropriate line, line laying should be fixed installation, to install short circuit and leakage protection device.

5. Electric car charging must be away from flammable items, can not charge too long, charging time is too long, the charger overheating easily lead to fire, the charge should be in accordance with the provisions of the instructions to charge, charging time in principle not more than 10 Hours.

6. In the process of starting the electric bike, climbing should pedal help to prevent the start current is too large, the machine for a long time overload work, causing the motor coil, lines, batteries and governor overheating damage, and even brewed Into a disaster. To try to avoid in the rain, water sections of the road to prevent the motor into the water, charging short-circuit fire.

As long as we rational use of Electric Rover Board is not a fire like this kind of thing, mainly to remind you to use electric cars, charging time can put safety first.

Tire and steel ring on the separation, the general is the tire leak, and can not afford to support the steel ring, driving will certainly come out for a while. May leak you did not find or be punctured, the vacuum tire repair is much faster than the inner and outer tires, as long as the outside to find the leak to the colloid into the leak, colloidal bombs will be like an umbrella to the inside, Blocking the leak, plus the vacuum liquid (that is, you said the liquid, anti-fine leakage and high temperature), inflatable to the internal high pressure, can be used normally. But if the leak is generally more than 2 cm long can not be repaired, that is obviously a big hole can not be repaired, colloidal bombs are not so big.

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