Pay Attention To What Should Be Paid To Electric Rover Board Tires

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Electric Rover Board manufacturers to remind us that in addition to the test battery of electric vehicle driving power, and its tyres, tyre drive for it to provide the most basic guarantee, if the tyres appear problem, also cannot travel. As a result, when inflating the tire of Electric Rover Board, should pay attention to the measure.

If the tire tire of Electric Rover Board is too low, can cause tire side excessive flexure, cause tire overheat, cause the tire body flabby, force descend, degum and even destroy. At the same time, the earthing area of the tire increases, and the tire parts wear faster. If there is a lack of air in a twin tire, the driving will also allow the majority of the load to be concentrated on the other to cause severe overloading. Too high tire pressure will make the tire cord overreach and the serious will pull it off. And it will reduce the grounding area of the tire, increase the load of the unit area of the tire, cause the tire crown part to wear faster, and easy to produce the crown blasting.

Inflating Electric Rover Board tires properly, so that the driving can achieve the ideal degree, and can extend the life of the tire. Overcharging or insufficient to threaten safety, it will also make the wear uneven, make your driving more unstable, more easily because of overheating and damage. A lack of air can speed up battery consumption. Therefore, the user will check the air pressure at least once a month and check the pressure in the tire when the tire is cool.

The strongest cold air since the second half of the year will affect most areas. The next day or two, accompanied by strong winds, the temperature has fallen 6 ℃ to 12 ℃, the cooling intensity is bigger. So today it feels like winter is coming. Today the Electric Rover Board manufacturer is just talking about how to maintain the Electric Rover Board in winter.

When the temperature is too low, it is important to shorten the time of the electric vehicle and timely charge it. Therefore, in the winter, riding the Electric Rover Board should not keep the battery in a state of low power, so make it a good habit to charge it at night, no matter how much you travel. At the same time, the battery is best not to idle for a long time, the electric bicycle don't like winter, also had better every other month will give the battery to charge, guarantee the storage capacity of lead-acid battery, at the same time avoid acid damage to the battery.

In the winter, when the Electric Rover Board starts up, must use the foot to help, must not "zero start", in order to avoid a large amount of current discharge, otherwise the damage to the battery is very big. In the process of electric vehicle driving, the braking frequency should be minimized to avoid frequent start, so as to avoid affecting the life of the battery.

We all know that Electric Rover Boards be afraid of the rain, because in the rain can make electric short circuit, light can make the controller external circuit, such as hole line, turn the line, the main wire short circuit, serious is the controller burn out. It is afraid of the place of water is three, we accompany with shandong Electric Rover Board manufacturer to see together.

1. The first part of the circuit, on a rainy day, can find a housing that can cover the front of the car, waterproof flow in.

2. The controller part, the general electric vehicle will install the waterproof part, can not be considered.

3. The cable part of the battery, if the part is not well sealed, the battery will short-circuit.

The Electric Rover Board's rain, generally has no effect on the line, just easily caused the outside of the big board discolored. Its main protection is not to let the inside of the car water. After the rain, you should put the car in the ventilation area, and dry it as soon as possible to avoid the damp.

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