Self-balancing Monocycle To Start The Future Intelligent Step By Step

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Self-balancing monocycle to start the future intelligent step by step
In the past 30 years, mankind's means of transport has not had a very significant innovation, but not fully absorbed and integrated into the era of the most important scientific and technological achievements. Can imagine in the next 10 years, within a few decades, the field of transport will appear with the computer, Internet, intelligent, large data age to adapt to the product. Since the self-balanced wheelbarrow, is the prelude to this innovation.
Every era of transport, will absorb the core of this era, the most important scientific and technological achievements.
Agricultural society is the means of transport of animals and animal vehicles; industrial society is the fuel, mechanical components, this era is the bike, motor vehicles, cars; information society of transport, will also draw and integrate into the era of the core scientific and technological achievements , Information technology, network technology, and large data age integration, embedded into the human as a whole intelligent life.
Clothing, food, shelter, line, constitute our basic life, truly comprehensive intelligent life, not just smart home, smart wear, intelligent dining, the same indispensable part of the "line" - intelligent mobile (Intelligent transportation, intelligent traffic).
Revolutionary intelligence to travel, if the vehicle can be invented, and can promote the popularity of words, must be from the small, low-cost means of transport to start. Because the car is relatively high value, it is difficult to realize the rapid diffusion of innovation. It is difficult to do a wide range of experiments on the road in the field, such as unmanned cars to be on the road, and it is much harder than the unmanned balance car. Other vehicles, in addition to wheelchair-shaped car, before and after the two rounds of vehicles, such as bicycles, two-wheeled vehicles can not achieve their own balance, which is a smart transport of the most basic requirements.
If the intelligent living in the basic necessities of life, intelligent "line" is an inevitable trend, then this trend is bound to rely on self-balanced wheelbarrow to occur, to pilot, to spread, to popularize. Since the Self-balancing monocycle is to start the future of intelligent metering, intelligent traffic is one of the most important node.
First of all must say that the Self-balancing monocycle is driven by electricity, so its noise is particularly small. This simple and convenient tool for the use of a very good lithium battery to provide power for this activity, which greatly reduces the air carbon emissions, and also very good use of a power conversion technology, so that the Balanced wheelbarrow in the downhill when it will automatically to the inside of the lithium battery charge. Second, because of the improvement of various functions, it is running when the noise is very small, for everyone's life will not cause what kind of impact.
Self-balancing monocycle has now become a very good means of transport, and the fact that this new means of transport and environmental protection and all aspects are very consistent with the development of society, so I believe it will be very broad market. Then we come together to understand some of its characteristics it
The other is to say that this Self-balancing monocycle volume is very small, and even the largest is only about half of the traditional means of transport, and its weight is relatively light, so it is more convenient for everyone to use in life , In the usual storage is also very convenient; followed by Self-balancing monocycle also took the way of standing driving, this is also very safe, we can control the body through the center of gravity to control Self-balancing monocycle. Just suggest that you have to start in the beginning of the practice must find a more open place, in order to avoid a collision accident, the child must be accompanied by the time in the practice of the parent can only, in the absence of complete control is not recommended when everyone When you go out to choose them.

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