Self - Balancing Trend Of Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Self - balancing trend of Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter
        Self-balancing twin-wheeled motorcycles are a new form of product that follows another skateboarding movement. Self-balancing dual-wheeled motorcycles save energy, fast charge and long range capability. Vehicle modeling handsome, easy to operate, driving safer. For the convenience of life like a friend is definitely a very suitable choice, to add a little fun to life.
        Self-balancing bicycles are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and ride for more than 20 kilometers at speeds up to 32 meters per hour, which is a great fit for friends of any age (> 12 years old) Kind of choice; compared with the electric bike, it looks handsome, easy to operate, but also because the seat center of gravity is low, driving more secure. Therefore, self-balancing dual-wheeled motorcycle has been very popular in foreign countries, in recent years began to appear in the country. It is expected that in the near future, self-balancing twin wheels will become a popular trend, and is bound to set off a trend of energy conservation.
        Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter Before and after the shock, the perfect shock effect so that riding really become a kind of enjoyment. Upgrade the seat cushion structure, open the panel to pick up the battery is very convenient, off-road vehicle handle, coupled with beautiful shape, so that you control it into the focus of attention. The vehicle is beautiful and stylish, motivated, strong sense of acceleration, driving comfort, flexible operation; vehicle frame with high quality and high tensile steel, compact structure, durable! Handle below the handle with a folding handle, as long as down You can easily carry out a one-second folding; seat removal and height adjustment is very convenient; the entire folding process can be easily achieved within 5 seconds.
Familiar with the self-balancing twin motorcycle after you will find it a lot of play:
    1. Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter And skateboarding on the U-shaped board on the same skills, you can in the process of rapid decline, feel the feeling of surfing and thrilling. But never on the rugged ramps or steps down the red
    2. Hold the handle to lift the body, the original rotation 360 degrees, the feet vacated and placed on the pedal, leaning forward by the inertia of the body. No skateboard base, with this move to be careful.
    3. Slam the rear wheel brake, and then rotate 360 degrees like a compass. If the rear wheel is not installed brakes, it is difficult to make the action.
    4. Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter Hold the handlebar in one hand, press the right foot on the brakes, and then lift the front wheel, try to make the brakes close to the soles, so that when the floor will not be issued a blunt sound. Currently on the market for sale of self-balancing dual-wheel motorcycle brand a lot, its appearance quality is almost the same, but there are two kinds of foot pedal material: one is bamboo, the other is aluminum. Bamboo pedal is more suitable for beginners, the buffer and shock absorption effect is more obvious; aluminum pedal is relatively light, suitable for travel when traveling.

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