Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Driving Need To Pay Attention To Matters

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter driving need to pay attention to matters
Everyone on the Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter have a certain understanding of it, novice began to feel difficult to contact, but also worried about the safety of the problem, the following by the road science and technology to tell you some Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter driving need to pay attention Matters, hope to give you help.
      First, the use of hand to ensure that driving self-balancing dual-wheeled motorcycle safety
In the still can not be skilled driving wheelbarrow, the use of hand straps can help Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter to avoid falling scratches.
Second, how to control the balance
1. Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter is used to stabilize the gyroscope before and after.
2. When the body forward, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter will be aware of the action to speed up; when the body back, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter will control the motor slowdown to maintain the balance between the driver and the body.
3. Do not drunk driving. (After all, riding on the road is the means of transport, and drunk will not consciously want to speed up)
4. Do not run on the sandy road. (If it is the first player)
5. Do not wear leggings. (Just wear a stocking at the beginning of the school, or plug a paper towel inside the sock 's ankle, or it' s easy to scratch because of the friction.
6. Do not just go uphill. (This is only suitable for advanced players ah)
7. Do not drive fast. (If only beginners, especially for beginners !! Do not envy others to drift so, are after a period of practice!)
8. Do not be faster than a car. (Now the electric wheelbarrow on the market are no car fast, and people also have airbags!)
9. Do not go out on rainy days. (Unless you want to change the car, the basic are not waterproof)
10. Do not easily ride on the road, if it is a beginner, the road suddenly out of the car or dog will make you caught off guard.
11. Do not let children under 12 years of age play alone.
12. Do not be self-righteous. Read a lot of self-righteous thought that do not help, that do not have to teach, and ultimately fell to the individual Yang car turn.
Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooters are built-in high-precision gyroscope for balance before and after the stability, it can not help you balance, its balance around the same as the principle of our bike to rely on a certain speed and your body to control. When your body is leaning forward, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter will perceive your movements to accelerate; when your body is back, the Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter will control the motor to slow down to maintain your balance with the body.
Most people can learn about three days or so, about 2 hours a day or so. Just learning, because the center of gravity deviation, self-balance force to master the bad, there will be a leg pain situation, so generally in the beginning of the practice, try to wear leggings tools to avoid bumps. In addition, a small number of people may feel poor because of poor balance and learning more slowly, so the balance of the poor people, to practice more practice can be a long time to find the balance. At the beginning of the use of electric wheelbarrow, for the sake of safety, you can match the auxiliary wheel, you can easily and others experience Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter.
As with all baluns, self-balancing bicycles have limited self-balancing ability. To ensure your safety, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter are controlled by software at speeds up to 16Km / h. If more than this speed, will not be timely braking, there will be some security risks.
Self-balancing twin-wheeled motorcycle, to a certain extent, ease the pressure of traffic, in addition, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter as a new low-carbon environmental protection products, to protect the environment also played a role in the use of self- Balance the wheel motorcycle, be sure to maintain a stable speed, not too fast, their safety is more important.

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