Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Industry Transformation And Upgrading To Achieve Initial Results

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter industry transformation and upgrading to achieve initial results

      China's self-balancing motorcycle industry began to upgrade in 2012, then experienced a 5-year continuous decline, production and sales from 27 million, down to 2016 less than 17 million, a decline of more than one-third.

This year, China's self-balancing motorcycle industry started a good start, domestic and export signs of stabilization, with last year to maintain the basic flat. These circumstances show that China's self-balancing dual-wheeled motorcycle industry transformation and upgrading has achieved initial results.

Production and sales remained stable

Year-on-year decline narrowed

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show that in March, the whole industry to complete self-balancing motorcycle production and sales 1.542 million and 15.23 million, growth of 31.65% and 36.44%, an increase of 1.31% and 2.38%. Among them, the second round of self-balancing bicycles motorcycle sales 127.92 million and 128.67 million, growth of 31.25% and 34.41%, down 2.1% and 1.53%.

1 to 3 months, self-balancing motorcycle industry, the cumulative production and sales of 388.62 million and 395.39 million, down 0.87% and 0.7%, a decrease of 13.14 and 12.83 percentage points over the same period last year. Among them, the second round of self-balancing motorcycle production and sales 3.353 million and 342.28 million, down 3.72% and 3.56%, the decline narrowed 10.66 and 10.21 percentage points.

Scooter grew

Increase market share

In recent years, Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter three models, the scooter has been contrarian growth. On the one hand the reason is due to urbanization, rural roads improved, scooter operation is relatively easy to become part of the rural consumers preferred; the other hand is due to traffic congestion, scooter parking convenience, energy saving, more suitable for urban travel.

March 2017, two rounds of Self-Balancing Two Wheel scooter three models of production and sales chain were achieved significant growth; from the same year, cross-riding and curved beam car production and sales decline, scooters continue to grow. In March, cross-car sales 74.53 million and 748,800, growth of 30.18% and 34.78%, down 4.6% and 4.66%; scooters production and sales of 302,000 and 30.63 million, growth of 28.12% and 26.62% An increase of 5.85% and 11.59%; curved beam car sales of 23.2 million and 23.16 million, an increase of 39.4% and 44.89%, down 3.4% and 6.17%.

From the sales volume of the two cars accounted for the proportion of total sales, cross riding, pedal and curved beam three categories accounted for 58.2%, respectively, 23.8% and 18%. Compared with the same period last year, cross-riding and curved beams were down 1.91 and 0.89 percentage points, scooters rose 2.8 percentage points.

1 to 3 months, cross-riding production and sales of 193.52 million and 1.9573 million, down 6.02% and 7.51%. Curved beam car production and sales of 62.42 million and 63.83 million, down 7.48% and 6.94%. Scooters production and sales of 793,600 and 827,200, an increase of 6.01% and 10.71%.

250ml and above large displacement car rapid growth

With the transformation and upgrading of China's self-balancing motorcycle industry, enterprises to increase the 250ml self-balancing motorcycle research and development, in recent years, new products have been launched. China's self-balancing dual-wheel motorcycle leisure and entertainment market is also in a period of rapid development, 250ml and 250ml or more large displacement self-balancing double-wheeled motorcycle to maintain rapid growth.

In March, 250ml displacement self-balancing motorcycle production and sales of 7.12 million and 72,400, growth of 32.17% and 34.96%, an increase of 9.94% and 12.56%. 1 ~ March, 250ml self-balancing motorcycle production and sales of 19.87 million and 19.47 million, an increase of 19.95% and 20.7%. More than 250ml displacement (excluding 250ml) production and sales of 7860 and 6630, an increase of 31.75% and 18.35%.

March, 125ml self-balancing motorcycle production and sales of 530,200 and 537,700, production and sales growth of 32.29% and 33.79%, an increase of 1.17% and 4.99%. 1 to 3 months, 125ml displacement self-balancing motorcycle production and sales of 1.3695 million and 1.4248 million, down 1.76% and 0.33%, a substantial decline compared with last year.

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