Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter The Principle Of Balancing The Operation Of The Aircraft Is Mainly The Principle Of Aircraft Balance

- May 15, 2017 -

Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter The company was established in Shanghai in 2004, the company now has Shanghai, Zhaoqing, Shenzhen, Hefei four production bases, plant area of more than 30 million square meters, more than 1,100 employees. The company's existing "set" brand electric stacker, electric van, electric counterbalanced forklift, electric tractor, electric forklift, high-altitude platform, and other six series, two-wheel balance car twenty variety of logistics warehousing Car. Products sell well all over the world, widely used in production plants, warehousing warehouses, around the station, airport terminals and other fields.

    Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Companies adhere to the independent research and development, master the core technology of the road, in the United States D & P companies and domestic and foreign experts under the guidance of the establishment of the mold design and manufacturing, electronic research and development, the company specializes in technology research and development of more than 100 people The first combination of excitation motor drive and computer intelligent digital control technology to achieve the perfect part of the electronic control, so that the electric forklift motor, battery, electronic control part of the performance to play the best fit with the state. Our unremitting efforts in scientific and technological research and development, making the electric forklift technology has been ranked the industry's advanced position.

       Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter The company is the first to obtain the People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license, each two-wheeled balance vehicle industrial vehicles have the world's vehicle identification mark (WMI). Two-wheel balance car to the international standard of the procurement of the quality of procurement, two-wheel balance of the product to implement strict deduction of product testing to ensure product quality, the first in the industry passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and the European Union CE certification, and has won the " High-tech enterprises "," high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City ", issued by the National Chamber of Commerce," China's outstanding private technology enterprises "," China's export brand-name enterprises "," brand-name products in Guangdong Province "and a series of honors.

      Companies in the "science and technology as a first, tree industry boutique, an international brand" quality, commitment to China's electric industry vehicle industry to create a "large-scale, modern, international" enterprises, power China's electric industry vehicles well-known brands , We would like to our excellent products and sincere service for China's electric industrial vehicle industry add luster!

     Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter The principle of balancing the operation of the aircraft is mainly the principle of aircraft balance, that is, the vehicle itself, the ability to automatically balance (electronic self-balancing system). With the built-in precision electronic gyroscope (Solid-State Gyroscopes) to determine the body position of the posture, through the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to achieve a balanced effect. Suppose we use the longitudinal axis of the driver as the vehicle and the overall center of gravity of the vehicle as a reference line. When this axis is tilted forward, the built-in electric motor in the balance car body will produce forward power, on the one hand the balance of people and the car forward dumping torque, on the one hand to make the vehicle forward acceleration, on the contrary, when the gyro Instrument found that the driver's center of gravity backward, will produce a backward force to achieve a balance effect. Therefore, the driver as long as the direction of their own body to move forward or backward, the balance will be based on the direction of tilt or backward, and the speed is proportional to the extent of the driver's body tilt. In principle, as long as the balance of the car has the right to turn on the power and to maintain adequate operation of the power, the car people do not have to worry about the possibility of dumping, which generally need to rely on the driver to balance their own scooters and other means of transport

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