Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Two-wheel Balance Car Intelligence To Make Life More Free

- May 10, 2017 -

Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter In the United States, Belgium, China and other countries set up a research and development center, marketing center, manufacturing center, logistics center. As the backbone of the world's intelligent equipment industry, we have always been committed to the restoration of science and technology itself, the practice of "smart to make life more free" corporate culture.

    Self-Balancing Two Wheel ScooterTwo-wheeled balance vehicles in the past time, completed in the field of portable intelligent travel tool industry chain integration and brand globalization work. Smart balancers and smart scooters and other major products have been serving the world's 168 countries, more than 30 million users.

To provide users with a more free way of life, so that products become users in the life of intelligent partners to help users more passionate looking for fun, so as to achieve beyond the imagination of personal values. This is the base point for Airwheel's success.

     Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter The two-wheeled balance car believes that intelligent tools will be rich, extending people's senses, expanding people's ability to behave, and thus narrow the distance between dreams and reality. To this end, Airwheel in the beginning of 2015, in the world began to layout and investment in the sensor technology, robot depth learning technology, multi-dimensional transport and other hardware and software project construction work. Two-wheeled balance vehicles and continue to strengthen the efficient product development and international manufacturing quality of the core advantages of the integration of the world's research institutions, enterprises and geek team of industrial power for the user to create fun and free life value and continue before Row.

    Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Two-wheel balance car experience in recent years after the development of the products involved more and more rich, the ecological chain of enterprises are more and more. In the travel side of the two-wheeled car through the investment launched a two-wheeled balance car such a new era of new toys. The market reflects the strong, silence after nearly two years after ninebot has brought the latest masterpiece - Mini 9 balanced car enhanced version, today we have to look at the appearance of this new car part.

Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Mini two-wheel balance car enhanced version of the vehicle consists of two parts, body and foot lever, assembly is very convenient.

Buckle-style design, the perfect combination of foot lever and body, simple and reliable. In order to facilitate the use of different height of the user, the joystick support height adjustment. Vehicle in front of the battery and Bluetooth display, user-friendly view to ensure adequate power. Side look Yan value is quite good, calm and heavy. Start the power, the mini-9 balance car will be automatically enhanced version of the vertical, even under the impact of external forces can also remain upright. The top of the foot lever curve of the design, easy to control the vehicle for the legs. Pedal part, intimate marked the direction to facilitate the first use of balance car users.

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