Self-balancing Unicycle Self-balancing Wheelbarrows For A Leisure Sport

- May 10, 2017 -

Self-balancing unicycle Self-balancing wheelbarrows are suitable for daily commuter use or as a leisure sport on weekends. The use of gyro sensors to control the balance, high-power motor drive, you can get a good power. Internal control through the program, the speed limit of 16km / h, while ensuring the safety of both take into account the speed of travel.

     Self-balancing unicycle The user puts the feet on the folding pedal on either side of the wheelbarrow, gently tilting the body forward, leaning backwards, decelerating to the left and right, and turning the body to the left. The more the body tilted forward, the faster the speed, the car within a series of swing device to ensure that it can be well maintained balance. Charging 2 hours, you can travel 25km, short distance travel is very convenient, can replace the bus and subway. Self-balancing wheelbarrow body compact, easy to carry, the lightest only 8.8kg, can be directly into the trunk of the car, referring to the home or office. [1] 

Self-balancing wheelbarrow is a new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, portable means of transport, short distance travel, can replace the bus and subway. The wheelbarrow is easy to carry and can be placed directly into the trunk of the car, referring to the home or office.

     Self-balancing unicycle The inverted pendulum system is an important branch and typical application of the control system. In fact, it can be understood under the control of the computer, through the real-time analysis of the various parameters of the system, the system in the horizontal or vertical direction of the displacement and angle (angular velocity) of the offset control within the allowable range, Thus keeping the system in balance.

     Self-balancing unicycle The stability control of the self-balancing wheelbarrow near the equilibrium point is basically similar to that of other inverted pendulum systems.

First, the use of hand to ensure the safety of driving

In the still can not be skilled driving wheelbarrow, the use of hand straps can help IPS wheelbarrow to avoid falling scratches.

Second, how to control the balance

1. Self-balancing wheelbarrow is the use of gyroscopes for stability before and after.

2. When the body forward, self-balancing wheelbarrow will be aware of the action to speed up; when the body back, self-balancing wheelbarrow will control the motor deceleration to maintain the balance between the driver and the body.

3. Do not run on the sandy road. (If it is the first player)

4. Do not wear leggings. (Just wear a stocking at the beginning of the school, or plug a paper towel inside the sock 's ankle, or it' s easy to scratch because of the friction.

5. Do not just go uphill. (This is only suitable for advanced players ah)

6. Do not drive fast. (If only beginners, especially for beginners !! Do not envy others to drift so, are after a period of practice!)

7. Do not be faster than a car. (There is no car on the market, there are no cars, and people also have airbags!)

8. Do not go out on the rainy day. (Unless you want to change the car, the basic are not waterproof)

9. Do not easily ride on the road, if it is a beginner, the road suddenly out of the car or dog will make you caught off guard.

10. Do not let children under 12 years of age play on the road alone.

11. Do not be self-righteous. Read a lot of self-righteous thought that do not help, that do not have to teach, and ultimately fell to the individual Yang car turn.

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