Some Can Sell For Cheap Electric Unicycle 6 Reasons

- Sep 18, 2015 -

Electric unicycle market a mixed bag now, various manufacturers in order to grab market share, price war, often frequent shopping will find Taobao electric unicycle on some pretty cheap, cheap that you wouldn't believe, and this is why? our analysis on why:

(A) B2C model

B2C is the abbreviation of Business-to-Customer, and the Chinese called "business to customer". "Business to customer" is a retail e-commerce model, sell products and services directly to consumers. B2C shopping via the Internet to provide consumers with a new type of enterprise environment--online shops, consumers shop online, online payment through the network.

This model is factory direct to the end consumer, eliminating the intermediate costs, this is a good thing for consumers, more affordable, but also did not rule out some kitchen manufacturers sold through B2C product, after-sales warranty don't do very well, and some do not even do we need consumers ' attention.

(B) the cottage

These goods do not have research and development, bought imitation, listing up to a month, even with cheaper materials than the original product, the cost is much lower. Different is the quality of materials, like shell, same look in terms of material price can vary by 100 pieces. Of course there are lots of small Assembly workshop in production, without testing machine, of course no way to ensure the quality. Looks fake, at least save the following costs: (1) design cost, (2) design fee, (3) mold fee

(C) purchasing gifts

(1) battery

88WH the battery test is 5-8 km, Taobao shop owners requests into 132WH. General 88WH Taobao sold as 132WH, 132WH made and sold as imports Samsung battery, Samsung sold as 170 or 210WH then 132WH. If you go to the manufacturers to buy 132WH are at least more than 1300 units, but Taobao shops because the lowest cost 88WH can get that order more than 600, they cost about 750 of the total look, selling mostly 900-1100.

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