Summer Hot Weather, Electric Scooter How To Use Properly

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Summer hot weather, Electric Scooter how to use properly
Summer, the temperature is getting hot, many places more than 30 ℃ temperature above the use of Electric Scooter in particular the need to pay attention to the use of Electric Scooter will also cause harm to the impact of Electric Scooter life, and even dangerous The Electric Scooter used in summer to pay particular attention to the following eight points:
First, the Electric Scooter do not stop and charge immediately. Electric Scooter in the riding state, the battery itself will be hot, coupled with hot weather, the battery temperature can even reach 70 ℃ or more, then charge the battery will increase the battery water loss, reduce battery life, Exacerbate the risk of battery drums. The correct way is to first Electric Scooter to stop more than half an hour to the battery after cooling, and then charge.
Second, Electric Scooter do not charge in the case of direct sunlight. The battery in the charging process will be hot, if the direct sunlight in the case of charging, will lead to battery water loss, damage to the battery, try to charge the battery in the shade, or choose the evening when the Electric Scooter to charge.
Third, the use of regular brand charger.
Fourth, Electric Scooter charging time not more than 8 hours. Many Electric Scooter users in order to facilitate the map, often all night charging, charging time is often more than 12 hours, and sometimes even forget to cut off the power supply charging time of more than 20 hours, this will inevitably cause great damage to the battery. Many times a long time charging, easy to lead the battery because overcharge and charge.
5, Electric Scooter charging to car dedicated charger.
Six, do not use the fast charging station.
Seven, Electric Scooter chargers do not carry the car.
Eight, choose the quality of the brand to protect the battery. If the summer need to change the battery on the choice of brand battery quality is good, after-sales service is guaranteed, some no-name battery summer mileage and brand battery difference is no different, but one will run in the winter, exposure short board.
Electric Scooter battery in the use of a period of time, there will be a decline in battery capacity phenomenon. So, how can we let the Electric Scooter battery use a little longer? Here to look at our Shandong Electric Scooter manufacturers to help you collect on the Electric Scooter battery repair several ways to extend your Electric Scooter Battery life.
1, replenishment
On the use of six months of Electric Scooter battery repair method is to make a replenishment, which can extend the battery life, extend the average time to reach more than 3 months. It should be noted that, after each replenishment, the battery is in the overcharge state of the battery from the "quasi-poor liquid" to "poor liquid" state, and this overcharge to improve the battery capacity is good.
2, sulfated
Vulcanized battery with Electric Scooter battery repair instrument repair, the use of fuzzy digital control theory, by measuring the battery state, in the charge and discharge at the same time continue to send positive and negative frequency particles, with 10 to 20 hours to remove the battery after crystallization Change the hard lead of lead.
3, take the particle generator
Take the particle generator parallel to the battery and repair the Electric Scooter battery. This method is better to repair the battery, but because the repair is more thorough, so if there is no over-discharge, for the continuous use of the battery, it is often completely eliminate the possibility of battery curing.
Used Electric Scooter battery repair is conditional, those plates seriously deformed, rotten erosion, short circuit can only be scrapped, some can still repair the electrolyte can be replaced after repeated charge and discharge, you can activate the regeneration part of the vitality, but the overall Electric Scooter battery repair can not reach the original capacity.

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