The Correct Use And Maintenance Common Sense Of Self-balancing Monocycle

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The correct use and maintenance common sense of Self-balancing monocycle

1. Adjust the height of saddle and handlebars before using the Self-balancing monocycle to ensure the comfort of cycling and reduce fatigue. Saddle and handlebar height should vary from person to person, usually the height of the saddle for the rider to reliable landing on one foot for appropriate (the vehicle should be the basic upright), the height of the handlebars to rider forearm flat, shoulder and arm relaxed as appropriate. However, the adjustment of saddle and handlebars should first ensure that the pipe and the insertion depth of the riser must be above the safety mark line.

2. Check and adjust the front and rear brakes before using the Self-balancing monocycle. The front brake is controlled by the right brake and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake. Before and after brake adjustment to the left hand brake handle half of the stroke can be reliable brake for the appropriate; The brake skin is overworn and should be replaced in time.

3. Check the tightness of the chain before balancing the unicycle. The chain is hard to pedal while riding, and it is easy to vibrate and touch other parts. The vertical of the chain is 1-2mm, which can be adjusted properly when cycling. When the chain is adjusted, loosen the rear wheel nut first, then adjust the chain slack and tighten the back wheel nut by evenly spinning the left and right chain screw.

4. Check the lubrication condition of the chain before using the Self-balancing monocycle. Feel and observe the chain axis of chain rotation is flexible, the chain section corrosion is serious. If the rust or rotation is not flexible, should add the appropriate lubricating oil, serious should change the chain.

Before 5, Self-balancing monocycle cycling, should check the tire pressure, handlebar front and rear wheels steering flexibility, rotational flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor working condition and lights, horn, fasteners, such as whether meet the requirements.

(1) the tyre pressure is insufficient, which will increase the friction of the tyres and the road surface, thus shortening the continuation mileage; It will also reduce the mobility of the car, affecting the comfort and safety of the ride. The air pressure should be added in time when the pressure is insufficient. The tire pressure should be in accordance with the recommended air pressure or the air pressure on the surface of the tire.

(2) the turning of the car is not flexible. It should be lubricated or adjusted in time when there is a stuck, rigid or tight point. Lubricate the use of butter, calcium base or lithium base grease. When adjusting, loosen the front fork lock, rotate the front fork, and lock the front fork lock before locking.

(3) if the front and rear rotation is not flexible, it will increase the friction of rotation and increase the consumption of electricity, thus reducing the number of mileage. Therefore, once the failure should be timely lubricated and maintained, lubrication is generally used in butter, calcium base or lithium base grease; If it is a shaft fault, it can replace the steel bead or shaft. If it is the motor fault, it should be repaired by the professional maintenance unit.

Self-balancing monocycle, try not to use zero starting (i.e., starting in situ), especially in heavy lifting and uphill. When starting up, you should use the manual bike first. When you reach a certain speed, you should switch to electric drive, or direct use of electric power. This is because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction force, when the current is large, close to or even to the resistance to the current, so that the battery can work in a large current and accelerate the damage of the battery.

7. When riding with self-balancing wheelbarrow, it is necessary to use manpower or electricity to help the bike, especially if it is uphill, weight bearing, windward or rough road. In this way, the battery can be avoided for a long time, and the battery can be damaged, which can be used to increase the range of recharging and prolong the service life of the battery.

8, Self-balancing monocycle don't adapt to the rough or slope is too steep (generally should be 8 ° or less). If this road is encountered, it should be driven slowly or out of the car. The poor working environment of motor, controller, battery, etc. Under the road surface will reduce the service life and the damage.

9. The Self-balancing monocycle should avoid frequent braking and starting, before or at the same time, the speed adjustment should be transferred to the back position, and human riding should be used as far as possible in the area of road support. In this way, it can avoid the damage to the battery when the large current starts.

10. The standard carrying capacity of the self-balancing wheelbarrow is 75kg, which should be avoided as far as possible. If overloaded, should use human riding, manpower to help the way.

11. The use of self-balancing wheelbarrow in cold weather should be as manual or electric as possible; In addition, it should pay attention to the battery power and voltage indication. When the weather is cold, the discharge depth of the accumulator should be reduced and the pressure state should be cut. This is because the storage capacity of the battery in cold weather is reduced.

12. Self-balancing wheelbarrow is not afraid of rain and snow. However, the water level cannot exceed the lower edge of the electric hub bearing seat to prevent the motor water from causing damage. After the rain and snow ride, should wipe clean as soon as possible; If the electric part is immersed in water, it should also be dry with a hair dryer. In case of iron corrosion and circuit leakage, short circuit, etc.

13. The driving speed should be reduced properly, and the braking attention should be increased to prevent the side slip and turn off, so as to avoid endangering the safety of the person.

The Self-balancing monocycle should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and should be kept in a cool place when stored. Sunlight exposure can accelerate the aging of paint, plastic parts, rubber parts and electronic components, reducing their service life and reliability.

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