The Correct Way To Open A Self-balancing Monocycle

- Jul 11, 2017 -

The correct way to open a Self-balancing monocycle

The rapid growth of automobiles has become a new problem in modern travel. Nowadays, there are all kinds of power generation tools in the street, and the "hipster" on the street is a "floating" wheel. Smart balance cars are the best way to avoid traffic jams. But Self-balancing monocycle, after all, is a new means of transport, or there will be wondering how to ride correctly, so today let us science the Self-balancing monocycle cycling open the right way.

Learning Self-balancing monocycle must choose spacious flat space, to wear loose clothes, comfortable flat shoes fit, wear good protective devices to ensure safety, it is best to have a friend to accompany, adjust good mentality can learn riding.

1) boot up. Place the Self-balancing monocycle on the ground smoothly, keep the pedal parallel, and turn on the power switch.

2) get in the car. The foot is commonly used to stand to the corresponding on the pedal, the other foot in lightsome step up quickly, the strength of the average let feet, ensure smooth Self-balancing monocycle bodywork, this process can make the friend beside holding or find a hand holding.

The correct way to open a Self-balancing monocycle

3) cycling. Stop get guarantee balance can preliminarily ride, after two feet parallel to focus on two legs, leaning slightly to allow the body forward or backward, after a few times can be skilled to try acceleration and deceleration. It is recommended to accumulate experience during cycling and practice. You can learn the next step after a long ride in a more confident way.

4) turn around. Beginners like to turn the upper body of the way to make the turn, in fact the operation effect is not good. It is recommended to adjust the left and right corners of the car by stepping on the pedal, and it will achieve the desired turn effect through constant practice.

5) safe cycling. Once you are skilled in your sexual skills, you can go on the road. But be sure to be safe when you ride, wear good protective gear, follow traffic rules, pick a smooth road trip, don't catch other vehicles, and pay attention to the road conditions.

Self-balancing monocycle is following the traditional scooters upgrade the product, is a green energy saving of electric vehicles, broad scope, save energy, fast charging and long distance ability, is now the most commonly used transport city travel, in the case of Self-balancing monocycle, vehicle used aluminum alloy materials refined but become, shape beauty, 350 w energy-saving motor, professional 36 v power batteries to provide super power, travel is very convenient, easy to operate. Add more color to our lives and bring out the best travel experiences. What is the reason that everyone chooses to balance the unicycle?

Daily commuting is a frequent trip, and it's necessary to have a comfortable riding stance that allows you to change your cycling posture and ease travel fatigue. It's like wearing shoes. Choose shoes that fit you and fit your feet. QE - 05 Self-balancing monocycle seat folding design, make folding, in order to not affect the normal cycling at the same time, to have more than the traditional Self-balancing monocycle comfortable riding experience. In order to meet the vast majority of people's height, Self-balancing monocycle rod can be adjust the height of the leading, whatever your body shape, high or partial short, as long as in the normal range, you are able to tap lever to adjust to the most suitable for you ride height, weight is more don't have to worry about

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