The Electric Rover Board Should Be Well Maintained

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The Electric Rover Board should be well maintained
    1, do not have the initial speed of the state direct electric start, electric scooter uphill, the wind riding, the appropriate plus human riding, the above circumstances, the instantaneous current can reach more than ten amps, long time high current discharge will increase Salt, the battery will be too high due to the formation of dehydration, deformation of the plate, the active material off ... ... the phenomenon, so that shorten the battery life, riding should be clever use of taxi, to minimize forced braking and repeated start, you can save energy and Battery life.
    2, to charge in time
    Electric Rover Board discharge began when the salting reaction (curing reaction), timely charging can be activated lead sulfate in time into active sponge-like lead and lead dioxide, if placed more than 12 hours, the active lead sulfate Will once again crystallize into larger crystal particles, become irreversible salt (vulcanization). If you need to charge every time riding, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle, will extend the battery life.
    3, to regular deep discharge
    1-2 times per month deep discharge, the so-called deep discharge is flat on the road, under normal load conditions to the first undervoltage protection of the complete discharge, or with a discharge device for complete discharge, that is, each A single voltage down to 1.75V, and then fully charged, will make a slight increase in battery capacity.
    4, do not arbitrarily replace the charger, according to the instructions required the correct use of the charger.
    When the electric bicycle is shipped from the factory, the charger is matched with the configured battery. Its complementary current, the maximum charge voltage and conversion current, float voltage, float current is specified, the other parameters of the charger have a certain range of differences, it is likely that the battery does not match the configuration, so not free Replace the charger. 5, to prevent self-discharge
    Many factors that cause self-discharge, such as electrolyte and plate material impurities, causing the local battery effect from the discharge, partition broken, active material off, the battery cover with invasive dust, electrolyte or water to form a self-discharge circuit.
    What we can do is keep the battery cover dry and clean. The winter from the house moved to the house of the battery performance will be condensed water, can be wiped or placed in the house after its evaporation and then charge.
    6, can not be under electricity storage
    Electric scooter long-term disabled battery, first of all the battery is fully charged and then stored, and at least once a month to fully re-charge once.
    7, the general salinization of the battery can be used by professional business repair repair repair or rehydration repair.
    Serious damage to the battery should be handled by the manufacturer, where no longer explain the reasons for its work.

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