What Are The Reasons For The Lack Of Mileage For Electric Scooter?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

What are the reasons for the lack of mileage for Electric Scooter?
The Electric Scooter's continued mileage is defined as "the new battery is fully charged and the rider's weight is configured to 75 kg on a flat secondary road (without strong winds) ride to a battery voltage less than 10.5V / To be power, in the above conditions, the ride mileage is known as the electric bicycle continued mileage.
Decreased battery capacity caused by the Electric Scooter battery mileage is low
Electric Scooter car continued mileage problem, Electric Scooter battery is the culprit. The battery life with the increase in the number of times and gradually reduce, in general, large manufacturers will have a quality standard, better maintenance of the battery 12 months later there will be more than 80% capacity. Electric Scooter battery in the summer charge and discharge rate of 105%, spring temperature of about 20 degrees when the charge and discharge rate of 100%, and by the winter, the charge and discharge rate may reach less than 80%, which is the impact of the battery temperature capacity. Properly maintain the rational use of Electric Scooter battery, so that Electric Scooter battery to maintain a good technical state, is to improve the Electric Scooter continued mileage of the fundamental guarantee. The correct maintenance of your Electric Scooter charging method and the use of frequency; less row is the best way to do the best way to ride as often short ride, to develop a good habit of parking that charge. Pay attention to the charging temperature, the winter to the higher temperature of the room, the summer in the low temperature ventilation.
Motor aging caused by the Electric Scooter battery mileage is low
At present the domestic Electric Scooter wheel hub motor efficiency is generally about eighty percent, that is, 20 percent of the electricity is wasted. While the old brush motor efficiency to be lower. And with the increase in the use of time, motor magnetizing or carbon brush, commutator film wear caused by the motor power drop is also a minority. The new battery is fully charged during the process, because too much power is wasted, so the total mileage will be affected. In this case, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair of the Electric Scooter motor.
Electrical equipment failure, line aging and line failure caused by Electric Scooter battery mileage is low
Jaguar Electric Scooter pointed out that the Electric Scooter spontaneous combustion situation often see the newspaper, and Electric Scooter spontaneous combustion are mostly due to line aging or line failure caused. Burning requires heat, and Electric Scooter line heat generated will inevitably lead to the consumption of electricity, so it will inevitably affect the Electric Scooter mileage. Users are aware of the Electric Scooter line may be a problem when the time to repair as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary personal and property losses. With the passage of time, some electrical devices will appear a variety of hidden faults, increased electricity consumption led to increased vehicle current, is bound to cause continued mileage reduction. Vehicle insulation performance will lead to poor vehicle leakage phenomenon, which is a large vehicle power consumption of a reason, the vehicle leakage can be used Megohmmeter or multimeter through the exclusion method to find the source of the fault to solve the situation of vehicle leakage The
Charger failure caused by Electric Scooter battery mileage is low
Electric Scooter charger is to charge the battery equipment, if the charger output voltage is too low will cause the battery charge is not complete, will naturally affect the Electric Scooter mileage. General Electric Scooter ride mileage and need to charge the time is proportional, that is, if the Electric Scooter ride the farther, the corresponding charger charging time should be longer. If the new battery is in use for less than 10 percent of the battery, the charging time is only a short time to stop, then in most cases, the charger is faulty. At this time to find a professional store for the detection of the charger.
Electric Scooter mechanical failure caused by low mileage
Affect the Electric Scooter mileage mileage of mechanical failure mainly brake, bearing and motor drive system. Brake adjustment is too tight, bearing damage will cause Electric Scooter ride in the process of increasing resistance. In addition, the motor in the internal water rust, will cause the motor to reduce the efficiency and frictional resistance. The performance of these cases is the Electric Scooter in the foot when the power of the vehicle obviously feel great resistance. In this case, it is necessary to repair or adjust the parts that produce the resistance.

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