What Is The Balance?

- Sep 18, 2015 -

As electric balance is an unprecedented new means of transportation, making it difficult to use traditional definitions of classification of its kind. Think balance electric car should be a two-wheeled version of the unicycle (Unicycle), the view was expressed that it should be powered scooter (Stand-up Scooter), but it is a single axis wheel design, and dual-axis slightly different tradition of two-wheeled scooters. In some more formal occasions (such as the official road rules), electric balance this means of transport is also known as "electric personal assistant mobile device" (Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device, EPAMD), commonly known as electric scooter.

Electric balance car product name "DeKalb Wani" tribute to the scientist DeKalb Wani, used to describe this vehicle allows people riding in an urban setting to move without hindrance.

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