What Should Be Paid Attention To When Buying Electric Rover Board?

- Jul 20, 2017 -

What should be paid attention to when buying Electric Rover Board?

1. The battery technology development, at present, the Electric Rover Board trip range has a biggest problem, generally is 30 km to 50 kilometers, so buy Electric Rover Boards must have a purpose: is as commuting traffic tools, don't too demanding.

The formula for calculating the maximum driving range is the maximum continuous range of > = the total distance from work to X 1.5

The battery pack is 24V12Ah, 24V14Ah, 36V12Ah, etc. Among them, the maximum range of the 24 v12ah battery pack 25 km to 30 km, can meet the needs of the users within commuting distance of 15 km, 15 km above the user should choose v14ah 24 and 36 v12ah battery pack.

2. Expensive and luxurious car performance is not always better than the cheaper and simpler car.

3. The key to determine the quality of Electric Rover Boards is the quality of motor and battery. High quality motor loss, high efficiency, further drive range, good for battery; As for batteries, it is almost a deciding factor for an Electric Rover Board. Sales of Electric Rover Boards on the market basically is to use the free maintenance lead-acid battery, it has a low price, excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, convenient use, etc, the service life of the basic is 1 ~ 2 years. I can introduce to you the more reliable car battery group brand is shenyang panasonic lead acid battery, can safely use, other manufacturers of the battery I know not much. The battery life is closely related to the selection of the charger. I have not found the perfect product yet, so I can only advise you to use the original charger.

Buy Electric Rover Board to pay attention to the matter, please pay attention to the following respects!!!

Firstly, the performance of Electric Rover Board is mainly reflected in the driving speed, the ability to climb the slope and the range of the mileage. The purchase of Electric Rover Boards should be a well-known and trustworthy brand. Some small and medium-sized enterprises by only buy parts assembly and production of Electric Rover Board, although the price is low but it is difficult to guarantee quality, after-sales service system is not perfect, some even grab home to repair as after-sale repair station.

Second, the battery is the core component of Electric Rover Board, the choose and buy should pay special attention to when Electric Rover Board battery capacity and service life, especially when buying batteries alone, try to buy normal manufacturer production of high quality batteries. Take care to check the factory date of the battery, whether to install the matching products, to prevent some illegal vendors from stealing the columns, and sell the batteries or old batteries that are near the end of the period.

There are two kinds of bicycles and motorcycles for Electric Rover Boards. The bike is not only lightweight, but also light and easy to unpack. In the absence of electricity, it can be used as a bicycle, which is suitable for women, primary and middle school students and middle-aged and elderly people. Motorcycle more luxurious and comfortable, matching battery capacity is larger, climbing ability, line continuation mileage model is better than a bicycle, but the car is heavier, if living floors high, per charge and move has the certain difficulty, therefore more suitable for young people.

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