Why Does Self-balancing Monocycle Battery Drop So Fast In Winter

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The two days of work apparently felt that the electricity was going down too quickly, because the weather was getting colder, and the temperature was more pronounced in winter.

The current Self-balancing monocycle USES lead-acid batteries as a source of power, and the energy stored by lead-acid batteries is proportional to the temperature. So when the temperature drops, the storage capacity of the battery goes down, not the electricity consumption. Temperature above 25 ℃, the battery can be normal use, when less than 25 ℃, the range will be relatively shorter. In general, the driving range of Self-balancing monocycle in winter can be reduced by about 5 km.

In winter, self-balancing monocycle's battery storage is down, which is a common phenomenon, and users don't have to worry too much about it, because it will recover naturally as temperatures rise. In general, the use time of Self-balancing monocycle should be shortened when the temperature is too low. In the winter, self-balancing monocycle should not allow the battery to be in low power for a long time. Make it a habit to charge at night, no matter how much you travel.

The Self-balancing monocycle battery is best not to sit idle for long periods of time. If winter is not used, it is best to charge the battery every month.

When our Self - balancing monocycle will think of when I was without power charging, actually the Self - balancing the monocycle charging way is not very understanding, we here by our Self - balancing monocycle manufacturers to tell everyone about the Self - balancing monocycle common three kinds of charging ways.

1. Constant current charging refers to the constant current during the charging process. If it is a series of batteries in series, the charging method of this method is generally chosen. The current in the charging process is very small, so the charging time is longer, which is the way our family usually USES it.

2. Quick charging, which allows Self-balancing monocycle to be charged quickly. In a short period of time, this approach can be transported to the battery in large current pulse, the whole process is really a battery charging in repeated charge and discharge, this way can make the Self - balancing monocycle charge quickly completed, but because the charging current and voltage of this way is not fixed, therefore has a certain influence on the battery.

3. Constant voltage charging refers to the constant voltage during charging. In the early rechargeable battery resistance is very small, charging current is very large, and after charging for a period of time, increase of battery internal resistance, in the late charge charging current smaller, this way of charging relatively quickly.

What is the core of Self-balancing monocycle electrical system? Self-balancing monocycle manufacturer tells you that it is controller, and its design has several protection function control system, which has the function of under-voltage, current limit or over-current protection. In addition, intelligent controller also has various cycling modes and auto parts self-checking function.

The controller is the core part of Self-balancing monocycle energy management and various controller signal processing. It has functions such as stepless speed regulation, soft start, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection and power failure. It can protect the motor and the battery, make the current control the output, generate the required power, and do not burn the motor. At present, the electric bikes developed in China are mostly manual speed control to determine the power supply.

The main control board of the controller is Self-balancing monocycle primary loop, which has a large working current, which will emit a large amount of heat. Therefore, Self-balancing monocycle should not be exposed to the sun in the sun, nor for long periods of rain to prevent the controller from breaking down.

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